Are you looking for reliable planter box replacement services?

If yes, you are at the right place. United Trade Links offers reliable planter box replacement services to both residential as well as commercial property owners. We have the right team, techniques and equipment to do the job right the first time.

One of the biggest issues residential as well as commercial customers face these days is the increasing occurrence of water ingress. You might have seen many properties with significant damage caused by water ingress in planter boxes. The damages are mainly caused due to failed membranes. If not rectified early, the defects can be costly to repair. The experienced team at United Trade Links have seen enough of the damage caused to planter boxes. We provide professional as well as cost-effective planter box replacement solutions at an affordable pricing.

With time, the performance of your planter may go down. The effects of heavy rain or overwatering will start to cause water ingress. Leaking planer box may result in serious issues. At United Trade Links, we are experienced in rectifying all kinds of issues and replacing your planter boxes. We follow a systematic procedure to replace the planter boxes.  First of all, we will remove all existing plants and soil and remove water systems which may be there in place. Then we will remove the existing waterproofing lining, clean the drains properly and install a new waterproof membrane. Next, we will test the membrane and install other components like filter fabric and drainage cell.

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