Remedial Waterproofing detection devices and water testing techniques are used to find all types of common leaks.Leaking Shower & Balconies New floor base installation and shower seal (no tiles removed) can be installed for that new shower look. Removal of tiles or a clear membrane (no tiles removed) can be applied to revive an old looking balcony and repair common leaks. Concrete Cancer Repairs Rusting can occur where concrete reo bars are too close to the surface. This can be treated using an application of our special repair mortar. Crack Injection Where cracks form in concrete stalactite salts can appear. Special injection and plug products can be used to repair these situations.Efflorescence Repairs White calcium can build up on the tile surface and the surrounds of your planter box walls. Our appropriate cleaners and the right choice of products can minimise salt build up. Reverse tanking Moisture to internal below ground retaining walls can be a common and expensive problem. A reverse tanking system could work for your situation.Expansion Joints Old construction or expansion joints can be removed and replaced with the latest PVC joint system.Floor Coatings Old and worn carpark or plant room flooring can be rejuvenated with an sleek looking epoxy coating.Facade Repair For those hard to reach areas why use a swinging stage, when you can use our abseiling experts. Liquid Damp Coursing Rising damp and falling damp can be a major problem for buildings, not to mention the cost to install a new damp course. We can install a liquid damp course which is durable, non-toxic and very cost effective. Carbon Fibre Strengthening Due to building movement, degradation or even having to extend, concrete structures can become unstable. We can apply a special Carbon Fibre Re-enforcement  Compound that comes in the form of long plates. These plates can be applied below or above a slab according to an engineer's specifications to strengthen the slab and restore it or improve its load.