Company Profile 1

Our vision is for a clear and meticulous commitment to clients and staff utilising industry-leading team service standards while employing best-practice ethics at all times.

– Sam Saman, Founder, and CEO, United Trade Links

The name ‘United Trade Links’ encompasses what is important in the company’s values: an emphasis on the efficient and peak performance of the whole, while still respecting and understanding the independence of the individual parts.

In respecting the independence of the parts, we enable customers to choose one, several or all of the services available according to their specific needs and goals.


Company Profile 2

The result is a full service offering that gives clients the ability to centralise the management and coordination of all – or any combination of – property services from the extensive array that we offer covering internal and external needs: renovations, restorations, resurfacings, maintenance, fitouts and much more.

In turn, this brings benefits that ensure your buildings and assets are managed in a consistent, integrated and cost-effective manner. This represents the ‘whole’ view and is a prime component of all successful businesses, both large and small.

United Trade Links can assemble a team of leading industry resources to address any requirement with confidence and speed. These resources can be mobilised and coordinated for any geographic area in and around all major capitals.


Company Profile 3

Our experience and ability to respond with speed and confidence mean we are able to work with a broad range of brands, budgets, industries and business demands both locally and nationally.

“Any company is only as effective as its people’s belief in its mission.”

Our mission is simple:

  • To utilise modern technologies and methods in delivering excellent commercial and industrial facility services solutions.
  • To provide consistent and timely products and services for the building and its internal and external assets.
  • To satisfy all environmental and statutory requirements.