Our management team is dedicated to offer professional, friendly and cost-effective services.
The United Trade Links management team shares the following values

  • A caring and responsive approach to the way services are provided to customers and colleagues
  • A commitment to treating all people with dignity and respect
  • Honest and ethical manner in all dealings with others
  • Doing what is said and accepting accountability for actions
  • Team work
  • A winning attitude, utilising leadership, teamwork and collaboration skills

Our Code of Conduct

  • Abide by the company values
  • Treat customers, the public, fellow employees and contractors with courtesy and respect
  • Uphold the principles of equal opportunity
  • Maintain a work environment free of discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Complete all tasks in a safe, responsible and effective manner
  • Be honest and law-abiding
  • Respect and safeguard the property of customers, the company, fellow employees and contractors
  • Maintain customer confidentiality
  • Perform duties to the best of one’s ability, taking into account individual skills, experience, qualifications and position

Ensure individual business, financial and other outside interests do not conflict with duties at the company