How Do We Fix Leaking Balcony Waterproofing Without Removing Tiles Problems in Sydney, Wollongong and central cost?

Close Inspection leaking balcony Repair Services: save time, money & reduce hassle

leaking Balconies & Waterproofing, repair method options for balconies are to expose The repair without removing tiles includes removing all existing grout

When united trade links inspect a leaking balcony, we check all the above plus we do a flood test and impact test to check for loose tiles.

Pressure tiles clean for leaking balcony Repair & Grout

Tiles and grout repair for leaking balcony are given a solid clean, so we have a clean workspace and impurities won’t affect the tile grout repair process or clear waterproof

Our proses Remove Defective Grout

In a lot of cases we remove all the grout and replace it with a high strength epoxy grout which is 100% non-pervious to water and any other liquid. Tile Rescue developed a process for leaking balcony repairs without removing the tiles which has been used nationally for many years with a huge success rate.

Apply Flexible Polymer clear waterproofing over old tiles

A flexible, high polymer seal is applied to the perimeter of the balcony.

Apply Double Coat Of clear waterproofing over old tiles

Last of all we apply two coats of a premium exterior, penetrating sealer leaving the balcony not only leak free but also rejuvenated.