Is your floor slippery and unsafe?

At United Trade Links, we have the perfect anti-slip floor coatings for you.  

For over 25 years now, United Trade Links has been providing anti-slip floor coatings to residential as well as commercial property owners. We use high-quality anti floor products that are an ideal solution to the problem of fixing slippery walkways, slippery floors, ramps, stairs, and other slippery areas. We will first assess your needs and budget and then provide a comprehensive selection of options for your needs.

One of the main reasons for personal injuries is slips and falls on most slippery surfaces including floors. Anti-slip floor coatings reduce the risk of injuries. This is because it makes the surface rougher and offers more grips. Installing these coatings is a great investment as it will save you from injuries, time and money. Applying these coatings is not a DIY project. You need to call a professional to help you. When you let the job done by a specialist, you are sure the job will be done right, fast and resulting in minimum downtime.

We are here to help if you are looking for reliable anti-slip floor coating

Our team will visit your premises and apply our heavy-duty specialised anti-slip floor coatings to different areas. With the help of advanced techniques and high-quality products, we will strive to do the job right first time. If you are unable to decide whether anti-slip coatings is a right solution for your floors or not, we are happy to assist you.

Call us today on 1300 698 559 if you want to know more about our anti-slip floor coatings.

Slippery floor treatment
Slippery floor treatment
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