Professional tile and grout cleaning services

United Trade Links offers reliable and affordable tile and grout cleaning services. Our tile and grout cleaners have over 25 years of experience in offering exceptional services at all times. We can clean all kinds of tiles with the help of right techniques and eco-friendly chemicals.

On continuous use, tiles tend to lose shine and start deteriorating. Dirt, dust and grime start accumulating on the surface. Eventually, you will also find spots and stains, making it more challenging to clean up. For deep cleaning and bring back the shine and lustre, the services of professional tile and grout cleaners is recommended. It is here where we come into the picture. We have all the solutions for your tiles and grout, no matter what type they are. We have the advanced technology and equipment to deliver tile and grout cleaning services in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Why you should choose our tile and grout cleaning services?

Longevity of your tiled surfaces

As they are porous in nature, tiled surfaces attract a lot of dust and look dirty and unclean with time. This can also hamper its longevity. And if the grout is not removed on time, you have to get the tiles removed in the long run, which will be expensive, and at the same time a hassle.

New look and shine

After cleaning, your tiled surfaces will look neat and clean.  Our tile and grout cleaning services will make your floors regain their existing look and shine.

Good health and hygiene

Dirty tiled surfaces are unhealthy and unhygienic. Our services will take care of these problems ensuring health and well-being is maintained.

Tile & grout cleaning proses

United Trade Links are Australia's No.1 Tile Cleaning and Grout Restoration Experts, servicing Commercial, Industrial and Residential properties

Our 5-step restoration process is your guarantee for tile & grout cleaning.

5 Step Proven Process Your Guarantee for Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • Pre-treat Tile & All Grout Lines
    Apply Non-toxic dirt eater, mould & E. coli killer cleaning solution. This special cleaning fluid is allowed to seep into your grout to breakdown and loosen accumulated soil, grease, contaminants, mould and mildew
  • Power Scrub Deep Clean Surfaces
    With specially designed brushes we scrub and agitate every single grout line as well as your tile surface. Edge and baseboard cleaning are also performed at this stage
  • Pressure Clean & Vacuum Extraction - No Mess
    Tile and grout is thoroughly washed using pressurised water. All water, cleaning solutions and contaminants are captured and sucked out of your property in one process. A system is completely controlled with no over wetting of carpets or walls
  • Quick Dry with Commercial Blower
    Once the ECO cleaning process is completed we thoroughly dry the surface ready for a nontoxic protection sealer
  • Seal for Protection
    Apply a penetrating water-based indoor sealer to grout lines with excess spread across your floors giving you “Full Floor Protection”. Lasts up to 7 years, retards mould regrowth and makes cleaning easier

We provide services for Grout Colour Sealing, Sealing for Stone, Terracotta, Limestone, Granite, Marble & Terrazo

We also offer services for Slippery Floor Treatment, Professional Exterior Cleaning, Bathroom Makeovers, Damaged Tile Repairs, Silicone Seal Replacement and much more

Our ColourSeal service comes with a 15 year guarantee and if at any time during that period the colour deteriorates, we'll fix the problem. And – with our tile & grout Clear Penetrating Sealing service, we guarantee that your tiles and grout will stay stain resistant for up to 10 years or we'll retreat the surface FREE.

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