As summer approaches, we use air conditioners a lot more. So, this is the perfect time for you to clean and maintain your unit. Taking care of your AC is like giving it a breath of fresh air! So, periodic cleaning helps to ensure that it is working fine.

In caring for your unit, you can discover potential problems that need repair. This can allow you to hire experts to repair and thus help you avoid significant problems. So, to help with your air conditioner cleaning, here is an article that will guide you.

1) Safety first

First, let’s turn off the power before we begin cleaning. You can do this by turning off the main circuit switch. It is advisable to put on protective gear. You can also get a professional cleaning done by consulting a specialist.

2) Get the necessary tools

Before cleaning, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. A screwdriver, vacuum cleaner, and a detergent are a must. You will also need to make sure that all these items are in good condition.

3) Wash the exterior

First, clean the exterior component of the AC, as there will be a lot of dirt and leaves around the unit. After this, you can rinse the unit with water; however, please avoid electrical wires. In case of stubborn stains, you can use the detergent and give it a mild scrub.

4) Filter cleaning

After you finish the exterior, you need to check the filters. Air filters provide fresh air; over time, they can accumulate dirt and debris. Periodic cleaning of the air filters is necessary. To do this, remove the filter panel, and then you can either vacuum clean it or wash it with water. You need to ensure that it is dried before installing it back.

5) Clean the coil

The evaporator coil helps cool air. However, as time passes, these coils can accumulate dirt and dust. This affects efficiency and can cause major issues if not catered to periodically. It would be best to use a fin comb to straighten any bent fins and a vacuum to remove loose debris. If there’s persistent dirt, you may need to use a coil cleaner following the manufacturer’s instructions.

6) Ensure proper drain cleaning

A clogged drain can lead to water blockage and affect the unit’s performance. So, it becomes essential to clean this area. To do this, you need to flush the drainage with a mixture of water and detergent. You can use a brush to clean it out thoroughly. After the process, you need to ensure the drainage pipe is cleaned to allow proper flow through.

7) Check the ductwork

If your air conditioner involves ductwork, then you need to pay attention to it. You need to check for any dirt or dust in the duct. Hiring a professional in duct services can help you maintain your overall duct, producing fresh indoor air quality.

8) Reassemble the unit

After completing the entire air conditioner cleaning process, you need to reassemble everything back as it was. Taking a look at the manufacturer’s instruction book can help you put everything back in place systematically. Once you are done reattaching things, turn the power on and allow your unit to run for a while. This can help you know if your AC is working properly. If you need help, you can hire experts in AC cleaning who can help you solve your cooling problems.

To conclude

These are some of the steps you need to take to ensure proper and efficient air conditioner cleaning. In short, before starting, turn the power off and start with the exterior, followed by the fins, drains, and coils. You will need to pay close attention to issues relating to ducts as that can affect air quality. After you have completed these steps, you can reassemble the unit and turn it on to enjoy the cool breeze.