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During Tile Grout Cleaning

During Tile Grout Cleaning
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your tile grout
cleaning project

During Tile Grout Cleaning
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your tile grout
cleaning project

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United Trade Links is a provider of multiple professional trades services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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United Trade Links is a provider of waterproofing and remedial waterproofing services.

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I would like to introduce our organisation, United Trade Links Pty Ltd, that specialise in the business of providing building trade facility services to Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Insurance, Strata, and Industrial premises.

What you can expect from us during your tile grout cleaning & tile resealing project

Your Trusted Partner for Your Tile Grout Cleaning & Tile Resealing Project

What United Trade Links Offer

For over 25 years, United Trade Links has been dedicated to the rejuvenation and enhancement of balconies, tracings, and various projects, with a strong focus on the meticulous cleaning and resealing of tiles and grout. Our specialty lies in the replacement of silicone. Serving homeowners across Australia, our extensive experience underscores our unwavering dedication to achieving the highest levels of customer contentment. We stand firmly behind this dedication, and it is upheld through the following commitments:

Transparent Proposals for Tile Grout Cleaning and Resealing: Our dedication to transparency and clarity takes center stage in our communication approach. This core principle is exemplified in the meticulously detailed project proposals we create exclusively for your tile grout cleaning and resealing endeavors. These proposals provide an exact outline of the project’s scope, enabling you to fully comprehend the restoration process.

Visual Insight through Before & After Imagery: Recognizing the power of visual representation, we surpass mere words. Our extensive compilation of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos presents a visual narrative of the remarkable transformation your tiles and grout undergo during the cleaning and resealing process. Witness the astonishing change as we capture the essence of your tile grout restoration journey.

Clear Bids and Timelines: We firmly believe in providing you with a comprehensive grasp of your investment. By breaking down costs with complete transparency and establishing a well-defined timeline, you can anticipate the key milestones of your tile grout cleaning and resealing project. Remain fully informed and engaged at every stage of the process.

Qualified and Experienced Professionals: Entrust your tile grout cleaning and resealing to our qualified and knowledgeable experts. Our craftsmen bring a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring excellence in every aspect of your restoration undertaking. From intricate repairs to total transformations, we are committed to turning your tile grout vision into reality.

Licensed and Insured: Holding valid builder licenses in crucial regions such as New South Wales, the ACT, and Queensland, we combine our expertise with comprehensive $20 million public liability insurance. This assures that your tile grout restoration journey is not only secure but also free from unnecessary complications.

Professional Affiliations: Our association with esteemed organizations like the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Australia underscores our unwavering dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical standards. Experience a tile grout cleaning and resealing process that aligns with the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

Are your tiles losing their shine? Is grime and dirt taking over your beautiful surfaces? Look no further than United Trade Links! We are your dedicated partners in bringing life back to your interiors and exteriors through our exceptional tile and grout restoration services. With a proven track record and a team of experts, we specialize in turning dull and worn-out spaces into vibrant showcases of beauty.

Our Tile and Grout Restoration Process

At United Trade Links, we don’t just clean tiles – we restore them to their former glory. Our meticulous process ensures that every nook and cranny is treated, leaving your surfaces looking fresh and inviting. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Pre-treat the tiles and grout: This step involves using an alkaline-based degreasing solution to mop the tiles and grout. The solution helps break down and loosen soil, grease, and contaminants that have accumulated on the surface and within the grout lines. Allowing the solution to sit for about 15 minutes gives it time to effectively penetrate and weaken the bonds between the dirt and the surfaces.
  2. Power scrub with surrogated brushes: After the pre-treatment, surrogated brushes are used with a power scrubbing machine. These brushes agitate the grout lines and tile surfaces, mechanically loosening and dislodging the remaining dirt and debris. This step is particularly effective in reaching into the grout lines and textured tile surfaces that may be difficult to clean with regular mopping.
  3. Extract/turbo power rinse: High-pressure hot water is injected onto the surfaces and immediately extracted using a powerful vacuum system. This process helps remove the loosened dirt, grease, and cleaning solution residue. The combination of high-pressure water and extraction ensures that the contaminants are lifted away from the surface and captured, leaving the tiles and grout much cleaner.
  4. Acid wash for stubborn stains: In cases where there are stubborn stains that haven’t been fully removed by the previous steps, an acid wash may be used. Acidic solutions can help break down mineral deposits, rust stains, and other tough stains that are not easily removed by alkaline solutions. This step requires careful handling, as acids can be corrosive and should only be used on appropriate surfaces.
  5. Grout and tile resealing: Once the tiles and grout are thoroughly cleaned, resealing may be done. This involves applying a new layer of sealant to the grout lines and tile surfaces. Sealant helps protect the grout from absorbing dirt, liquids, and stains, making it easier to clean and maintaining its appearance over time.
  6. Silicone sealing: Similar to grout resealing, silicone sealing involves applying a protective sealant to the silicone joints around the edges of tiles, such as in showers or areas where tiles meet other surfaces. This prevents water infiltration and mold growth in these vulnerable areas.
  7. Specialized removal: This step refers to the specialized removal of certain substances like tough stains, coatings, or residues that may require specific techniques or products tailored to the particular issue.
  8. Mould and Mildew removal: This step involves using appropriate cleaning agents to eliminate and prevent the growth of mold and mildew, especially in damp areas.
  9. Anti-slip treatments: If required, anti-slip treatments can be applied to the tiles to enhance safety, particularly in areas prone to becoming slippery when wet.
  10. Efflorescence removal: Efflorescence is the white powdery residue that can appear on the surface of tiles and grout due to mineral deposits. Special treatments can be used to remove these deposits.
  11. Grout Haze removal: Grout haze is a cloudy residue left on the tiles after grouting. This step involves removing that residue to reveal the clean tile surface.
  12. Rust stains removal: For rust stains, specific treatments can be employed to dissolve and remove the rust without damaging the tiles.
  13. Hard Water deposits removal: Hard water deposits can leave unsightly spots on tiles. Specialized products are used to dissolve and remove these mineral deposits.
  14. Calcium Buildup removal: Similar to hard water deposits, calcium buildup can be removed using appropriate cleaning agents.
  15. Turbo deep hygiene clean: This step involves using advanced tile cleaning equipment to perform a thorough and deep cleaning of the tiles and grout, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.
  16. Treatment with unique cleaning products: Depending on the specific needs, a range of specialized cleaning products may be applied to address particular issues or enhance the overall cleaning effect.
  17. Assessment and repair: The final step involves assessing the condition of the grout and tiles. If any damage is found, the damaged grout or tiles can be replaced or repaired to restore the appearance and functionality of the surface.

Each of these steps plays a crucial role in achieving a thorough and effective tile and grout cleaning process, tailored to the specific needs of the surfaces being treated.

United trade links service both residential and commercial premises. If you’ve got any sort of tiles and grout that need a deep clean and restoration, we’re here for you!

Residential & Commercial Spaces We Treat:

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Tiled Flooring: United Trade Links specializes in cleaning and restoring all types of indoor and outdoor tiled flooring. From high-traffic areas in homes to outdoor walkways, their services can bring back the original beauty of these surfaces, removing dirt, stains, and wear.
  2. Shower Enclosures: Shower enclosures are prone to soap scum, mold, and hard water stains. United Trade Links offers thorough cleaning and restoration for shower tiles and grout, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.
  3. Kitchen Splashbacks: Kitchen splashbacks can accumulate grease, food splatters, and stains over time. The company’s expertise extends to effectively cleaning and restoring these tiled surfaces, creating a fresh and inviting kitchen space.
  4. Commercial Premises: United Trade Links caters to various commercial spaces, helping businesses maintain clean and presentable environments. Their services are crucial for creating positive impressions on clients, customers, and employees.
  5. Indoor and Outdoor Tiled Flooring: Reiterating their expertise, United Trade Links ensures that both indoor and outdoor tiled flooring in residential and commercial settings receive the attention they need to stay clean and attractive.
  6. Shower Enclosures: In both residential and commercial contexts, United Trade Links’ deep cleaning of shower enclosures enhances hygiene and prevents mold growth, contributing to a healthier environment.
  7. Kitchen Splashbacks: Grease and stains can accumulate on kitchen splashbacks, affecting the overall appearance of the kitchen. United Trade Links’ restoration services ensure that these surfaces are free from grime and stains.
  8. Commercial Premises: The company’s commitment to commercial premises extends to maintaining the cleanliness of these spaces, supporting businesses in creating a professional and inviting atmosphere.
  9. Resorts & Tourist Parks: In the hospitality industry, first impressions are vital. United Trade Links helps resorts and tourist parks maintain clean and attractive tiled areas, contributing to a positive guest experience.
  10. Outdoor Tiled Patios: Outdoor patios are often exposed to weather elements, making them susceptible to dirt and stains. United Trade Links can transform these outdoor spaces into enjoyable, clean areas for relaxation.
  11. Pools & Outdoor Areas: Outdoor pool areas require special attention due to water exposure and pool chemicals. United Trade Links ensures that pool surroundings are clean, safe, and visually appealing.
  12. Commercial & Residential Kitchens: Kitchens are the heart of homes and businesses. United Trade Links’ specialized cleaning for kitchen tiles and grout helps maintain a clean and hygienic cooking environment.
  13. Living, Dining Rooms: These central spaces benefit from United Trade Links’ services, ensuring that the tiled surfaces in living and dining areas remain clean and well-presented.
  14. Bathrooms, Showers: United Trade Links addresses the unique challenges of bathrooms and showers, where moisture can lead to mold and grime. Their cleaning and restoration services promote cleanliness and prevent deterioration.
  15. Gyms & Fitness Centres: Gyms and fitness centers require thorough cleaning to maintain hygiene standards. United Trade Links’ expertise extends to tiled areas within these facilities.
  16. Lobbies and Foyers: First impressions matter in public spaces. United Trade Links’ deep cleaning of lobbies and foyers ensures a welcoming and clean atmosphere for visitors.
  17. Roof and Terrace: Even less obvious areas like roofs and terraces benefit from United Trade Links’ specialized cleaning services, extending the life of these surfaces.
  18. Serviced Apartments, Hotels & Motels: The hospitality sector relies on impeccable cleanliness. United Trade Links’ services contribute to providing a comfortable and appealing stay for guests.
  19. Retail, Offices & Commercial Spaces: Clean and well-maintained commercial spaces create positive experiences for customers and clients. United Trade Links supports businesses in achieving this through their tile and grout cleaning.
  20. Bars, Cafes, Restaurants & Kitchens: Hygiene is crucial in food-related establishments. United Trade Links’ services help maintain clean, inviting dining and kitchen spaces.
  21. Property Managers – Residential & Commercial: Property managers can rely on United Trade Links to maintain the condition of tiled surfaces in both residential and commercial properties, ensuring long-term value and tenant satisfaction.
  22. Construction Industry: After construction or renovation projects, post-construction cleaning is essential. United Trade Links’ services help in presenting a finished space at its best.
  23. Health and Aged Care Facilities: Hygiene is paramount in healthcare settings. United Trade Links’ expertise contributes to maintaining a clean and safe environment for patients and residents.
  24. Exterior Tiling: Even exterior tiles need attention. United Trade Links can restore and clean exterior tiling, enhancing the curb appeal and value of properties.

United Trade Links is well-equipped and experienced in providing their specialized services for a wide array of tile floors and walls, encompassing both external and internal spaces. We treat and work external and internal premises with all types of tile floors & walls, including:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Terracotta
  • Sandstone
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Polished Porcelain

Workmanship Guarantee

At United Trade Links, our unwavering commitment lies in providing exceptional epoxy tile and grout restoration services, placing special emphasis on the meticulous cleaning and resealing of tiles. Our devotion spans every facet of the restoration journey, encompassing exacting repairs, thorough upkeep, and all related undertakings skillfully carried out by our proficient team of specialists. This dedication stands as a testament to our resolute determination to meticulously address each intricate element stipulated in the project proposal, particularly focusing on tile grout cleaning and tile resealing.

What we expect from you during your tile grout cleaning & tile resealing project:

Our work requires due attention paid to safety and to the protection of your home, possessions and family. Kindly read the following before work commences.  

  1. Material Selection (Grout Color, Waterproofing, Finish): United Trade Links understands the importance of choosing the right grout color, waterproofing options, and finish for your project. Clear waterproofing, matte finish, same gloss, or full gloss options can be discussed to achieve the desired look and functionality.
  2. Remove Personal Items: It’s recommended to remove personal items from the work area to ensure they are not affected during the restoration process. This prevents any accidental damage or interference.
  3. Furniture Removal or Arrangements: If furniture needs to be moved for restoration, United Trade Links can either take care of it or coordinate with you. While they strive to avoid damage or scratches, a note is provided that, in some cases, they might not take responsibility for potential damage.
  4. Onsite Parking: Adequate onsite parking is important for the convenience of the restoration team. Having a designated parking spot near the work area helps ensure efficient service.
  5. Adult Presence: Having an adult present during the restoration process is advised. This ensures effective communication and decision-making, as well as providing access to the premises.
  6. Water Availability: Access to water is crucial for the restoration process. United Trade Links will need a water source for mixing solutions, cleaning, and other necessary tasks.
  7. Secure Power Points: The restoration equipment requires power. Ensuring that there are accessible and secure power points helps the team carry out their work without any inconvenience.
  8. Relocate Vulnerable Items: Items that are vulnerable to moisture or dust should be relocated from the work area. This safeguards them from any potential impact during the restoration process.
  9. Noise and Mess: United Trade Links’ equipment is designed with suction vacuum attachments to minimize mess. However, there might be some noise associated with the restoration process due to the equipment’s operation.
  10. Use of Drop Sheets: To maintain a clean and organized work environment, United Trade Links covers the entire working area with drop sheets. This prevents any accidental spillage or mess from spreading.
  11. Neighbor Notification (Apartments/Units): In shared living spaces like apartments or units, it’s considerate to inform neighbors about the restoration work. Open communication prevents any surprises and helps maintain a positive neighborly relationship.
  12. Water Leakage Notification: It’s noted that some water leakage may occur during the initial stages of the process. This is a standard part of the restoration procedure and is highlighted for transparency.

Acceptance Of Terms

By continuing with the restoration works proposed by United Trade Links, you acknowledge that you have accepted the quotation provided by United Trade Links. This document outlines the terms and conditions governing the agreed-upon services. As the customer, it is imperative that you carefully read and comprehend all the information presented herein. Should you have any uncertainties or if you wish to engage in a discussion concerning the contents of this document, we encourage you to reach out to our office without hesitation. Your understanding and cooperation are vital to ensuring a successful project. Thank you for entrusting United Trade Links with your restorative needs.

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