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Balcony, Trace Makeover, Without Removing Tile

Balcony Trace Makeover Without Removing Tile
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your balcony,
trace makeover project with out removing tile

Balcony Trace Makeover Without Removing Tile
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your balcony,
trace makeover project with out removing tile

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United Trade Links is a provider of multiple professional trades services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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United Trade Links is a provider of waterproofing and remedial waterproofing services.

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I would like to introduce our organisation, United Trade Links Pty Ltd, that specialise in the business of providing building trade facility services to Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Insurance, Strata, and Industrial premises.

What you can expect from us during your balcony makeover, trace, project.

Your Trusted Partner for Balcony Makeovers, Trace projects

What United Trade Links Offer

For more than 25 years, United Trade Links has been devoted to transforming and revitalizing balconies, tracings, and various projects, catering to homeowners across Australia. Throughout our extensive journey, our paramount goal has been to achieve utmost customer satisfaction, and we underscore this commitment through the following pledges:

Transparent Project Proposals: Our dedication to open and clear communication is evident in the detailed written proposals we provide, outlining the precise scope of work for your balcony makeover, trace enhancement, or other projects. We are readily available to address any queries you may have, ensuring your complete grasp of the process.

Visual Insight with Before & After Photos: We believe in the power of visual representation. Our comprehensive set of inspection photographs, captured before we begin the project and after its completion, offers a comprehensive view of your balcony’s transformation, trace improvements, or other enhancements.

Bid and Timeline Clarity: We believe you deserve to have a precise understanding of your investment and a clear grasp of when to expect results. Our itemized breakdown of costs and a well-defined project timeline ensures that you are informed and engaged at every stage.

Qualified and Experienced Professionals: Our projects are expertly managed by skilled and experienced craftsmen, ensuring excellence in each facet of repairs, balcony makeovers, trace enhancements, and flat roof projects.

Licensed and Insured: Holding valid builder’s licenses in New South Wales, the ACT, and Queensland, coupled with a comprehensive $20 million public liability insurance, we offer you a secure and hassle-free experience throughout the process.

Professional Memberships: Our alignment with prestigious bodies such as the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Australia is a testament to our commitment to superior craftsmanship and ethical conduct.

Are you ready to transform your balcony, bathroom , kitchen ,  into a stunning outdoor retreat? At United Trade Links, we’re dedicated to turning your balcony dreams into reality. Our comprehensive 31-step balcony makeover process ensures every detail is meticulously attended to, leaving you with a breathtaking space that you’ll love spending time.

Our balcony, trace makeover includes:

  1. Full Inspections: The first step involves a thorough inspection of the entered leaking balcony or terrace to assess the extent of the damage and identify any preparation requirements. This inspection helps in understanding the scope of work needed for the repair process.
  2. Dye and Pressure Test: Advanced technology is used to conduct a dye and pressure test on the entire balcony or terrace. This specialized scan helps to detect leaks or weak points that might not be visible to the naked eye, ensuring that the repair process addresses all potential issues.
  3. Selecting Method and Material: Based on the inspection results, the appropriate method and materials are chosen for the repair. This step ensures that the repair process is tailored to the specific needs of the balcony or terrace, optimizing the results.
  4. Strip and Demolition: The existing bedding tiles are stripped and demolished. This involves removing the tiles and any underlying materials that might have been damaged due to leaks or other issues.
  5. Remove and Replace Fibro Cement Sheet: The fibro cement sheet, which provides a protective layer, is removed and replaced. This step helps in ensuring that the new materials provide better protection against leaks and damage.
  6. Remove and Replace Balcony Balustrade: The balcony balustrade is removed and replaced. This is important for both safety and aesthetics, ensuring that the entire structure is sound and visually appealing.
  7. Cement Screening: A layer of cement screen is applied to create a level and smooth surface. This step provides a stable foundation for the subsequent layers and materials.
  8. New Waterproofing: A new layer of waterproofing material is applied before and after the cement screening. This helps prevent future leaks and ensures that water doesn’t seep into the underlying layers.
  9. Design and Install Floor Waste and Water Flow: The design and installation of a proper drainage system, including floor waste and water flow, are crucial to prevent water accumulation and direct it away from the balcony or terrace.
  10. Wall & Floor Tiling: New tiles are installed on both the walls and the floor of the balcony or terrace. Proper installation techniques are used to ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.
  11. Install Handrail and Balustrade: The handrail and balustrade are reinstalled, contributing to both safety and the overall appearance of the balcony or terrace.
  12. Painting and Decoration: Any necessary painting and decorative finishes are applied, enhancing the visual appeal of the repaired area.
  13. Prepare Balcony and Re-grouting: The balcony’s floor tile is prepared by removing the old grout. This step is crucial for the effective application of new grout.
  14. Remove Old Grout from Skirting Tile: Similarly, old grout is removed from the external skirting tiles surrounding the balcony.
  15. Replace Silicone Tile Joints: Existing silicone tile joints are removed and replaced with fire-rated or external use silicone, ensuring better waterproofing and longevity.
  16. Remove Existing Porous Cement-Based Grout: The existing porous grout is completely removed to make way for the new grout.
  17. Injection of Grout Floor Tile: A waterproofing process involving stop seal waterproofing is applied to the grout floor tile, reinforcing the waterproofing of the underlying layers.
  18. Prepare and Inject Drummy Tiles: Tiles with inadequate adhesion are reattached using epoxy grout. Damaged tiles are removed and replaced with matching tiles supplied by the customer.
  19. Remove and Replace Broken/Damaged Tiles: Any broken or severely damaged tiles are removed and replaced to ensure a seamless and secure surface.
  20. Repair Chips in Tiles: If replacement tiles aren’t available, chips in tiles are repaired, restoring the appearance of the surface.
  21. Re-grouting Balcony Floor Tile: The balcony’s floor tile is re-grouted using a two-part epoxy grout, enhancing its appearance and sealing the gaps.
  22. Re-grouting Skirting Tile: The top edge of the skirting tile is also re-grouted using the same epoxy grout.
  23. Seal External Floor Grate and Waste Riser: The external junction of the floor grate and waste riser is sealed to prevent water intrusion.
  24. Injection of Balustrade: Any balustrades that were installed over tiles or after waterproofing are injected to enhance waterproofing.
  25. Seal Balustrade and Penetrations: Balustrades and penetrations are sealed using fire-rated or external use silicone to ensure waterproofing.
  26. Seal Skirting Edges: The bottom and top edges of the skirting are sealed with fire-rated or external use silicone to prevent water infiltration.
  27. Seal Sliding Doors/Windows: Sliding doors and windows that could impact waterproofing are sealed with fire-rated or external use silicone to maintain a watertight seal.
  28. Turbo Deep Clean: Specialized tile cleaning equipment is used to thoroughly clean the entire surface, removing efflorescence, grease, grime, mold, fungi, and dust.
  29. Surface Cleaning: The surface is cleaned again to ensure it is completely free from any contaminants.
  30. Apply Clear Waterproofing: A clear waterproof coating is applied to the entire tiled surface area, penetrating the grout and sealing micro fractures in tile glazing.
  31. Dye and Pressure Test (Completion): After all the repairs and treatments are completed, a final dye and pressure test is conducted on the balcony or terrace to confirm the effectiveness of the repair process and ensure its waterproofing integrity.

By following these comprehensive steps, the leaking balcony or terrace is thoroughly inspected, repaired, and waterproofed, ensuring its durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal are restored.

Workmanship Guarantee

United Trade Links hereby guarantees the quality of workmanship for leaking repair balcony, trace projects carried out by our team. This guarantee encompasses the execution of repairs, maintenance, and related services as agreed upon in the project proposal.

What we expect from you during your leaking balcony repair & trace project:

Our work requires due attention paid to safety and to the protection of your home, possessions and family. Kindly read the following before works commence.

  1. Material Selection: We provide a range of options for grout color, waterproofing solutions (clear, matte, same gloss, or full gloss), ensuring your preferences are met while maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  2. Selecting Wall & Floor Tiling: Our experts will guide you through the process of selecting the most suitable wall and floor tiling options, ensuring aesthetic appeal and durability.
  3. Selecting Floor Waste and Water Flow: We pay meticulous attention to selecting appropriate floor waste and designing water flow systems to prevent water accumulation and promote proper drainage.
  4. Waterproofing: Thorough waterproofing will be conducted both before screeding and after tiling installation to ensure lasting protection against water damage.
  5. Balcony Balustrade: If applicable, the installation of a secure and aesthetically pleasing balcony balustrade will be carried out with precision and care.
  6. Removal of Personal Items: We will take care to remove personal items from the work area to prevent any damage during the project.
  7. Furniture Removal: Should you choose, United Trade Links can assist in arranging furniture removal. However, we hold no responsibility for any damage or scratches that may occur.
  8. Over Tile Service: Our over tile service guarantees a seamless and professional installation over existing tiles, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.
  9. Onsite Parking: Please ensure convenient onsite parking for our team to facilitate the smooth execution of the project.
  10. Adult Presence: An adult’s presence is required during project hours to provide access, address any questions, and make necessary decisions.
  11. Water Availability: A consistent water supply must be available throughout the project for various stages of work.
  12. Secure Power Points: We will ensure the safety of power points in the work area to prevent accidents and damage.
  13. Relocation of Vulnerable Items: Any vulnerable or delicate items in the vicinity of the work area should be relocated to prevent any inadvertent damage.
  14. Noise and Mess: All our equipment is equipped with suction vacuum attachments to minimize noise and mess, ensuring a clean and peaceful environment.
  15. Drop Sheet Coverage: United Trade Links will cover the entire working area with drop sheets to contain any potential mess.
  16. Neighbor Notification: For apartment and unit projects, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform neighbors about the project to mitigate any inconvenience.
  17. Water Leakage Notice: During the initial phases, some minor water leakage might occur. Rest assured, this is a normal part of the process and will be managed appropriately.

Acceptance Of Terms

By continuing with the restoration works proposed by United Trade Links, you acknowledge that you have accepted the quotation provided by United Trade Links. This document outlines the terms and conditions governing the agreed-upon services. As the customer, it is imperative that you carefully read and comprehend all the information presented herein. Should you have any uncertainties or if you wish to engage in a discussion concerning the contents of this document, we encourage you to reach out to our office without hesitation. Your understanding and cooperation are vital to ensuring a successful project. Thank you for entrusting United Trade Links with your restorative needs.

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