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Shower Sealing

Shower Sealing
We Seal Leaking
Showers, Regrout Tiles

Fix leaking balconies and rejuvenate bathrooms,
without removing tiles. We offer a professional
waterproofing service.

Shower Sealing
We Seal Leaking
Showers, Regrout Tiles

Fix leaking balconies and rejuvenate bathrooms,
without removing tiles. We offer a professional
waterproofing service.

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Grout Replacement

Waterproofing Repairs And Maintenance

United Trade Links is a provider of multiple professional trades services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Bathroom Rejuvenation

Preventative Maintenance

United Trade Links is a provider of waterproofing and remedial waterproofing services.

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I would like to introduce our organisation, United Trade Links Pty Ltd, that specialise in the business of providing building trade facility services to Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Insurance, Strata, and Industrial premises.


We can fix your leaking shower without removing tiles around Sydney, Wollongong and central cost

What United Trade Link Offer

  1. Get A Free Shower Inspection Health Check from our expert trades without removing tiles all Sydney metro, Wollongong and central cost
    We carry out an advanced leak detection for your leaking shower Sydney metro, Wollongong and central cost test to locate the source of the problem. Your free report enables you to make informed choices and compare repairers. If you need a plumber, or repair waterproofing we’ll tell you.
  2. Get A Free Quote from our technician trades on a spot with options for waterproofing over existing tiles or repair remove and replace grout tile and replace silicon
    Your on the spot quote will always include options for any repairs for your leaking shower where relevant so you’ll never pay for repairs you don’t need or can’t afford.
  3. Get Everything Explained to You for your leaking shower
    Expect honest, clear, explanations of every problem we assess so you know exactly what’s wrong, how it will be fixed and why it will be fixed that way.
  4. Get an Appointment Time That Suits You and your family for repair your shower
    We’re really flexible for any repairs. Our trades can come to your home outside of business hours and we won’t charge extra for it
  5. Get Excited for your shower leaking repairs
    Your shower is about to be back to its new and ready to use next day after work has been performed. All without removing any tiles No unhealthy smells and mess left and remove all relevant work behind when the work is completed.
  6. Final inspection leaking shower repair when the work is completed.


We Repair Leaking Showers in Sydney metro, Wollongong and central cost includes

  • Plumbing Pressure Test A leak, recurring mould growth, failing seals or damaged grout could mean a plumbing or shower recess waterproofing problem
  • Moisture Detection With Cutting Edge Equipment Thermal imaging technology and moisture measuring devices allow us to accurately measure build-up of water behind tiles
  • Inspect All Grout Joints Manually and Cracked, damaged or missing grout indicates an underlying problem.
  • Inspect existing Membraning, Waterproofing We can provide sealing services for your shower and bathroom.
  • Assess Structure & Adhesion of All Tiles Dislodged, loose or cracked tiles
  • Flood-Test Recess Filling the shower recess with water and monitoring penetration points assists technicians with identifying any additional leak points


United trade links Leaky shower repair procedure

  • Check the leaky shower with electric leak detector.
  • Remove mold or deteriorated sealants such as silicon.
  • De-grout the walls, shower perimeter, floor waste, wall to wall junctions and hob joints.
  • Prepare floor and wall junction with Dremwel 200 machine.
  • Remove all waste material and vacuum.
  • Pre-seal with clear waterproofing membrane that waterproofs grout and tiles.
  • Re-grout with epoxy wall and floor plus joints with epoxy grout mixed fugolastic hardene
  • Re Silicon the internal and external area of the shower screen.
  • Apply flexible sealant on floor and wall junctions & Seal around waste area
  • clear waterproofing membrane the shower area using the clear waterproofing membrane that waterproof grout and tile.
  • This sealant is brushed on the wall and floor tiles, forming a waterproof barrier beneath the surface of the grout.
  • This soaks in and waterproofs anything that is porous such as epoxy grout lines and hair line cracks. Save and Seal also offers a tile over tile service. This includes priming, clear waterproofing membrane, retile of the existing surface.

United roof restoration services include

Cement Tile Roof Restoration
Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration
Metal Roof Restoration

Call now for a free quote and queries about your industrial, commercial and residential roof restoration projects. All our quotes are professionally created at affordable prices to suit your requirements.

The following checks should be carried out at united roof restorations.

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