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Kitchens Makeover, Repair Without Removing Tile

Kitchens Makeover Repair Without Removing Tile
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your kitchen
project makeover projects

Kitchens Makeover Repair Without Removing Tile
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your kitchen
project makeover projects

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What you can expect from us during your kitchen makeover project.

Your Trusted Partner for Your Kitchen Makeover Project

What United Trade Links Offer

For more than 25 years, United Trade Links has been dedicated to the art of rejuvenating and enhancing kitchens, bringing new life to culinary spaces in homes across Australia. Throughout this substantial journey, our primary objective has remained steadfast: to ensure the highest level of customer contentment. We reinforce this dedication through the following set of assurances:

Transparent Kitchen Makeover Proposals: We uphold a commitment to transparency and clarity in all our communication. This is evident through our meticulously detailed project proposals, exclusively tailored for your kitchen makeover endeavors. These proposals lay out the exact scope of work, allowing you to comprehend the transformation process thoroughly.

Visual Insight with Before & After Photos:  Recognizing the potency of visual representation, we go beyond words. Our extensive collection of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs provides a visual journey of your kitchen’s evolution. Witness the metamorphosis as we capture the essence of your kitchen makeover project.

Bid and Timeline Clarity: We firmly believe in offering you a precise understanding of your investment. With a breakdown of costs that leaves no room for ambiguity, combined with a clearly defined timeline, you can anticipate the milestones of your kitchen makeover. Stay informed and engaged every step of the way.

Qualified and Experienced Professionals: Entrust your kitchen makeover project to our accomplished and knowledgeable professionals. Our craftsmen boast a wealth of experience, guaranteeing excellence in every aspect of your kitchen transformation. From intricate repairs to comprehensive overhauls, we ensure your kitchen makeover vision becomes a reality.

Licensed and Insured: Holding valid licenses as builders in key regions like New South Wales, the ACT, and Queensland, we pair our expertise with comprehensive $20 million public liability insurance. This ensures that your kitchen makeover journey is not only secure but also devoid of any unnecessary hassle.

Professional Memberships: Our association with esteemed organizations such as the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Australia serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship and ethical practices. Experience a kitchen makeover that aligns with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Are you dreaming of a fresh, modern kitchen that doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than United Trade Links! With our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner for transforming your kitchen into a stylish haven without the hassle of a complete overhaul. Follow what you can expect from us during your kitchen makeover project.

Our kitchen makeover process includes:

  1. Full Inspections: During this step, the entire kitchen is thoroughly inspected for any damage, wear and tear, and preparation requirements. This assessment helps to identify the scope of work needed for the makeover.
  2. Up Front Quotation and Estimation: After the inspection, a detailed quotation and estimation are provided to the customer. This includes the cost breakdown of various tasks involved in the makeover, giving the customer a clear understanding of the expenses.
  3. Selecting Method and Materials for Material Selection: The right methods and materials are crucial for a successful kitchen makeover. This step involves choosing the appropriate materials for benches, cabinetry, re-tiling, flooring, or painting. The goal is to ensure that the selected materials align with the desired outcome and durability.
  4. Fresh Look, Same Layout: This step focuses on achieving a new aesthetic for the kitchen without altering its existing layout. It emphasizes cosmetic changes that enhance the visual appeal and functionality of the space.
  5. Quality Materials Update: Quality materials are used to update different aspects of the kitchen, such as benches, cabinetry, tiling, flooring, and painting. This helps create a modern and appealing look while maintaining durability.
  6. Affordability, No Structure Change: Unlike structural changes, a makeover that focuses on cosmetic improvements is generally more affordable. It ensures that the core structure of the kitchen remains unchanged while achieving a refreshed appearance.
  7. Floor Prep, Re-grouting: The existing floor is prepared for re-grouting by cleaning and removing any debris. This step ensures a clean surface to work on for the subsequent re-grouting process.
  8. Remove Grout – Floor: The old grout between the floor tiles is carefully removed to make way for fresh grout. This step is essential to ensure proper adhesion and a clean finish.
  9. Remove Grout – Entire Floor: Similar to the previous step, this focuses on removing old grout from the entire kitchen floor area to ensure consistency in appearance.
  10. Remove Grout – Skirting: External skirting tiles are addressed in this step. The old grout is removed, and the surface is prepared for re-grouting.
  11. Replace Silicone Joints: Existing silicone tile joints are removed and replaced with fire-rated or externally suitable silicone. This helps maintain a secure and waterproof seal around tiles.
  12. Remove Porous Grout: Any remaining porous cement-based grout is removed, ensuring a clean substrate for the re-grouting process.
  13. Affordability and Structural Integrity: The advantage of maintaining structural integrity while achieving a new look is highlighted again for emphasis.
  14. Minimal Disruption, Daily Use: This step emphasizes that the makeover process is designed to be less disruptive, allowing the kitchen to remain accessible for daily use.
  15. Fast, Modern Makeover: A quick turnaround is highlighted here, showcasing that a kitchen makeover can be completed efficiently while still achieving a fresh and modern appearance.
  16. Trades Management: The makeover service manages all the necessary trades involved in the process, ensuring a coordinated and smooth workflow.
  17. Waterproof Grout Injection: The grout in the floor tiles is injected with a waterproofing solution, enhancing the floor’s water resistance and durability.
  18. Drummy Tile Repair: Drummy tiles (tiles that sound hollow) are addressed by injecting epoxy grout and replacing damaged tiles. Matching tiles are provided by the customer.
  19. Replace Broken Tiles: Any broken or damaged tiles are removed and replaced, restoring the overall appearance of the kitchen floor.
  20. Chipped Tile Repair: In cases where replacement tiles are unavailable, chips in tiles are repaired, ensuring a seamless surface.
  21. Re-grout – Epoxy Grout: The floor tiles are re-grouted using a 2-part epoxy grout, enhancing durability and aesthetics.
  22. Re-grout Skirting – Epoxy Grout: Similar to the floor tiles, the top edge of skirting tiles is re-grouted using a 2-part epoxy grout.
  23. Seal Floor Grate Junction: The junction of the floor grate and waste riser is sealed, preventing any water leaks.
  24. Seal Sliding Doors/Windows: Sliding doors and windows are sealed using fire-rated or externally suitable silicone to maintain waterproofing and prevent leaks.
  25. Turbo Deep Tile Clean: Specialized tile cleaning equipment is used for a thorough and deep cleaning of the entire tiled surface, removing efflorescence, grease, grime, mold, fungus, and dust.
  26. Comprehensive Surface Clean: The entire tiled surface is cleaned to ensure it is free from contaminants, creating a clean canvas for further treatments.
  27. Application of Clear Waterproof Coating: A clear waterproof coating is applied to the entire tiled surface, penetrating the grout and minimizing its pores. This strengthens and seals the grout while also addressing minor fractures in tile glazing.
  28. Dye & Pressure Test Assurance: At the completion of the makeover, the kitchen undergoes dye and pressure testing to ensure that the waterproofing and overall process have been successful and meet the desired standards.

These steps collectively outline the detailed process involved in a comprehensive kitchen makeover, from initial assessment to final quality assurance checks.

Workmanship Guarantee

United Trade Links assures the excellence of craftsmanship for kitchen makeover projects, including repairs, maintenance, and related services performed by our team. This assurance covers the implementation of tasks as outlined in the project proposal.

What we expect from you during your kitchen makeover project:

Our work requires due attention paid to safety and to the protection of your home, possessions and family. Kindly read the following before works commence.

  1. Material Selection for Flooring and Waterproofing: Clients are offered choices for material selection to tailor their preferences and needs. This includes options like choosing the grout color for the flooring, deciding on clear waterproofing or finishes such as matte, gloss, or full gloss. Clear waterproofing, with its penetrating and sealing properties, can be chosen to protect the grout and tile glazing. Different finishes offer varying aesthetic and maintenance advantages.
  2. Material Selection for Kitchen Appearance: If the project involves the kitchen, clients can select quality materials for various aspects such as countertops, cabinetry, re-tiling, flooring, and painting. This step enables customization of the kitchen’s appearance while using durable and visually appealing materials that match the client’s vision.
  3. Removing Personal Items: It’s important to clear the area of personal items to ensure they are not damaged during the repair or renovation process. Removing personal belongings creates a safer and more efficient work environment for the contractors.
  4. Removing Furniture or Arranging United Trade: Furniture removal might be required to facilitate the repair or renovation work. In some cases, the contractors can arrange for furniture removal through united trade services. However, it’s important to note that any removal comes with a disclaimer for potential damage or scratches.
  5. Onsite Parking: Adequate onsite parking arrangements are essential for the contractors to have easy access to their tools and materials. This helps in expediting the repair or renovation process.
  6. Adult Present: Having an adult present during the repair or renovation work is advisable. An adult can address any queries the contractors might have, make decisions promptly, and ensure that the work aligns with the client’s expectations.
  7. Water Availability: Availability of water on-site is crucial for various aspects of the repair or renovation process, such as mixing materials, cleaning surfaces, and ensuring a smooth workflow.
  8. Secure Power Points: Ensuring secure power points and electrical connections is vital for the safe operation of equipment and tools. This helps prevent accidents and ensures a smooth workflow.
  9. Relocate Vulnerable Items: Items that are fragile, valuable, or vulnerable to damage should be relocated from the work area to prevent any potential accidents or damage during the repair or renovation process.
  10. Noise and Mess Management: Contractors often utilize equipment with suction vacuum attachments to minimize noise and mess during the work. This enhances the overall experience for both clients and residents in the vicinity.
  11. Coverage of Working Area: To prevent debris and dust from spreading, the working area is covered with drop sheets. This step helps contain the mess and simplifies the cleaning process after the work is completed.
  12. Neighbor Notification: In cases where the property is located in an apartment or unit complex, it’s courteous to inform neighbors about the upcoming repair or renovation work. This ensures that they are aware of potential noise or disturbance and can make necessary arrangements if needed.
  13. Water Leakage Caution: During the initial stages of some repairs, water leakage might occur due to the nature of the work. Informing clients about this possibility helps manage expectations and prevent undue concern. The contractors will take necessary precautions to minimize any water leakage and address it promptly if it occurs.

Each of these points ensures a transparent and well-coordinated process that takes into account the client’s preferences, safety, and the efficiency of the repair or renovation work.

Acceptance Of Terms

By continuing with the restoration works proposed by United Trade Links, you acknowledge that you have accepted the quotation provided by United Trade Links. This document outlines the terms and conditions governing the agreed-upon services. As the customer, it is imperative that you carefully read and comprehend all the information presented herein. Should you have any uncertainties or if you wish to engage in a discussion concerning the contents of this document, we encourage you to reach out to our office without hesitation. Your understanding and cooperation are vital to ensuring a successful project. Thank you for entrusting United Trade Links with your restorative needs.

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