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Drummy Tiles Injection

Drummy Tiles Injection
Waterproof Grout
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Drummy Tiles Injection
Waterproof Grout
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Drummy Tiles Injection

Say goodbye to the annoyance of hollow-sounding tiles and the worry of costly replacements. Our skilled professionals are here to fix your drummy tiles efficiently and effectively, using our proven tile reglue injection method.

What are Drummy Tiles?

Drummy tiles are those loose or debonded tiles that produce a hollow sound when tapped or walked upon. This sound indicates that the tile adhesive has failed, leading to a lack of proper bonding between the tiles and the subfloor. Drummy tiles can occur on walls, floors, patios, or even pool tiles.


Our Expert Solution: Tile Reglue Injection


We understand the frustration and concern caused by drummy tiles. That’s why we’ve perfected our unique tile reglue injection method to provide a permanent and guaranteed solution. Unlike other tile companies, we won’t put you through the hassle and expense of purchasing and replacing your tiles, which can lead to mismatching and require extensive replacements.


Our skilled team of professionals, with over 30 years of experience repairing tiles across Australia, can quickly assess the condition of your drummy tiles just by the sound they produce. We conduct a thorough site inspection and recommend the best course of action for fixing your drummy tiles.


The United Trade Links Advantage


Our drummy tile repair process starts with the pressure injection of our specially formulated adhesive, which reglues drummy tiles, creating a strong and positive bond between the substrate and the tiles. Our process makes it possible to inject this adhesive through the adjoining grout between drummy tiles without causing a dust storm in your business or household.


This adhesive also offers excellent flexibility, accommodating building movement without compromising the bond. With its stretchy and durable properties, this adhesive ensures a long-lasting fix, eliminating any future problems with your tiles.


Quick, Hassle-Free Fix


We understand the importance of minimal disruption to your daily routine. Our quick-setting adhesive allows us to complete the entire drummy tile repair process within just a couple of hours. This means you can have your tiles fixed promptly and efficiently, getting back to your routine in no time.


Don’t Delay, Fix Drummy Tiles Today!


Leaving drummy tiles untreated can lead to visible signs of damage, such as cracked grout, cracked tiles, and even tiles that lift, peak, or tent along one edge. Avoid unnecessary expenses and potential hazards by addressing drummy tiles promptly.


Reach out to our friendly team at United Trade Links today for a permanent and guaranteed repair solution. Call at 1300 698 559 or email us at With our hassle-free, simple repair method, we’ll positively refix your drummy tiles without removal, providing you with long-lasting results. Join countless satisfied customers across Australia who have entrusted us with their tile repair needs for over three decades.

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