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Bathroom Makeover Renovations

Bathroom Makeover Renovation
Our Renovation Services
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Bathroom Makeover Renovation
Our Renovation Services
Cover Everything From
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United Trade Links is a provider of multiple professional trades services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Bathroom Rejuvenation

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United Trade Links is a provider of waterproofing and remedial waterproofing services.

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I would like to introduce our organisation, United Trade Links Pty Ltd, that specialise in the business of providing building trade facility services to Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Insurance, Strata, and Industrial premises.

Bathroom Renovations Service

Are you tired of your outdated bathroom and shower? Do you dream of a stylish and functional space where you can relax and rejuvenate? Look no further than United Trade Links! With our expertise in bathroom and shower makeovers, we can help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Our dedicated team is committed to transforming your space into a luxurious oasis that reflects your personal style and enhances your daily routine.

What United Trade Links Offer

Restore Your Bathroom’s Former Glory:


Over time, bathrooms and showers can lose their charm due to wear and tear. If your bathroom or shower has lost its luster, we can restore it to its former glory. Our Bathroom Renovations service is designed to address issues such as water damage, mold, mildew, leaks, and outdated fixtures, ensuring that your bathroom is not only visually appealing but also safe and durable.


Transform Your Bathroom Into a Stunning Retreat:


A bathroom makeover can completely transform the look and feel of your entire bathroom. Whether you have a small powder room or a spacious master bathroom, we have the expertise to turn your bathroom into a stunning retreat. We believe that your bathroom should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and durable, tailored to suit your lifestyle.


Customized Solutions for Your Bathroom:


Our experienced team will assess the condition of your bathroom and shower and provide tailored solutions to restore them. From fixing plumbing issues and repairing tiles to replacing old fixtures and refinishing surfaces, we will breathe new life into your space. We offer a vast selection of bathroom upgrades, including stylish vanities, energy-efficient lighting, elegant countertops, beautiful flooring options, and much more. Our goal is to deliver long-lasting results that not only enhance the beauty of your bathroom but also improve its functionality and durability.


What’s Included in a Bathroom Renovations?


Our comprehensive Bathroom Renovations service includes:


Turbo Deep Clean: We start by giving your bathroom a thorough and deep clean using specialized tile cleaning equipment. Our cleaning process removes stubborn stains, grime, and build-up, revealing the true beauty of your tiles and surfaces.


Treatment: We use our unique range of cleaning products to treat and revitalize your bathroom surfaces, ensuring they remain spotless and gleaming.


Assessment and Repair of Damaged Grout and Tiles: Our experts carefully assess your grout and tiles for any damage and promptly address issues through repair or replacement, restoring the integrity of your bathroom.


Grout and Tile


Resealing: To protect your newly cleaned and repaired tiles, we apply high-quality grout and tile resealing, preserving their appearance and durability for years to come.


Silicone Sealing: Proper silicone sealing is crucial to prevent water leaks and potential damage. We ensure that all necessary areas in your bathroom are sealed effectively.


Glass Restoration and Protection: If your bathroom features glass elements, we offer restoration and protection services to bring back their clarity and shine.


Anti-Slip Treatments:


For added safety, we provide anti-slip treatments where required, reducing the risk of accidents in your bathroom.


At United Trade Links, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our bathroom makeover service is designed to exceed your expectations, leaving you with a stunning, functional, and revitalized bathroom you’ll love for years to come.


Don’t wait any longer to transform your bathroom into the oasis you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your bathroom makeover consultation and take the first step towards creating the bathroom of your dreams! Call at 1300 698 559 or email us at

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Bathroom Makeover Renovations

Are you tired of your outdated bathroom and shower?

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