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Leaking Shower, Bathroom Repair Without Removing Tile

Leaking Shower Bathroom Repair Without Removing Tile
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your leaking,
shower, bathroom project without removing tile

Leaking Shower Bathroom Repair Without Removing Tile
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your leaking,
shower, bathroom project without removing tile

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What you can expect from us during your leaking shower repair, bathroom project.

Your Trusted Partner for Leaking Shower Repair & Bathroom Projects

What United Trade Links Offer

For over 25 years, United Trade Links has been dedicated to serving Australian homeowners with exceptional property maintenance services. Throughout our operational journey, we are committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction and present the following commitments:


Transparent Quotations: Our commitment to open communication starts with providing written quotations that outline the agreed-upon scope of work. Any questions you have will be promptly addressed, ensuring your complete understanding.


Visual Insight with Before & After Photos: We believe in showing, not just telling. Our detailed inspection photos before quoting and after project completion provide a clear understanding of your Leaking Shower Repair & Bathroom Projects condition and the completed work.


Bid and Timeline Clarity: You deserve to know what you’re investing in and when to expect results. Our detailed breakdown of costs and project timelines ensures you’re informed every step of the way.


Qualified and Experienced Professionals: Skilled and experienced tradespeople lead our projects, guaranteeing expertise in every repair, balcony enhancement, Leaking Shower Repair & Bathroom Projects.


Licensed and Insured: With current builders’ licenses in New South Wales, the ACT, and Queensland, and $20 million in public liability insurance, we ensure a secure and worry-free process.


Professional Memberships: Our association with the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Australia reflects our commitment to top-notch workmanship and ethical practices.


At United Trade Links, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that comes with a leaking bathroom or shower. Our 21-step repair process is meticulously designed to not only fix the leaks but also restore the beauty and functionality of your bathroom oasis. We take pride in our attention to detail and cutting-edge technology, ensuring a thorough and lasting solution for your leaky woes.


Our leaking shower repair/bathroom makeover includes:


  1. Full Inspections for your leaking shower repair, bathroom project.: Inspect the entire leaking bathroom/shower area thoroughly to assess the extent of damage and determine the necessary preparation work.
  2. Dye and Pressure Test for your leaking shower repair, bathroom project.: Utilize advanced technology to perform dye and pressure tests on the entire shower/bathroom area. These tests ensure the accuracy of the repair process by identifying leaks and weak points.
  3. 3. Method and Material Selection your leaking shower repair, bathroom project.: Choose the appropriate methods and materials for the repair. This selection is crucial to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of the fix.
  4. Prepare and Re-Grout Tile Floor/Wall: Prepare the tile floor and wall for re-grouting. This involves removing the existing grout and any damaged tiles to create a clean and even surface.
  5. Remove Old Grout for your leaking shower repair, bathroom project. : Carefully remove the old grout from the existing floor and wall tiles. This process creates a blank canvas for the re-grouting procedure.
  6. Inject Grout and Waterproofing your leaking shower repair, bathroom project. : Inject water stop seal waterproofing into the grout floor tiles to establish a waterproof barrier within the subfloor. This prevents water from seeping through and causing leaks.
  7. Prepare and Inject Drummy Tiles: For tiles with hollow or drummy sounds, inject epoxy grout to stabilize and reinforce them. If tiles are severely damaged, they’re removed, and the customer is requested to provide matching replacement tiles.
  8. Replace Broken or Damaged Tiles: Remove and replace tiles that are broken beyond repair. This ensures the visual appeal and structural integrity of the Leaking Shower Repair & Bathroom Projects.
  9. Repair Tile Chips: In cases where replacement tiles aren’t available, repair any chips in the tiles to restore their appearance and prevent further damage.
  10. Re-Grout Shower Floor/Wall: Apply a 2-part epoxy grout to re-grout the shower floor and wall tiles. This specialized grout offers durability and water resistance.
  11. Re-Grout Skirting Tile: Re-grout the top edge of skirting tiles using the same 2-part epoxy grout. This helps maintain a consistent and waterproof surface.
  12. Remove Old Silicone/Grout: Thoroughly remove old silicone and grout from internal junctions within the shower area to prepare for resealing.
  13. Seal Tile Junctions: Seal internal junctions of both wall and floor tiles with the 2-part epoxy grout. This seals gaps and prevents water from infiltrating the junctions.
  14. Apply Hydro Barrier: Apply a hydro barrier to the existing floor grout. This barrier enhances waterproofing and prevents water from seeping through the grout lines.
  15. Apply Anti-Mould Polymer Sealant: Apply an anti-mould polymer sealant to vertical wall junctions. This sealant prevents the growth of mould and mildew, enhancing the overall hygiene of the area.
  16. Seal External Floor Grate: Seal the external junction of the floor grate and waste riser. This ensures that water doesn’t escape through these openings.
  17. Seal Shower Screen and Floor Tile Junctions: Seal the internal junctions between the shower screen and floor tiles using anti-mould silicone. This prevents leaks and mould growth.
  18. Inspect and Seal Tap Flanges: Inspect and seal tap flanges to prevent water from seeping behind the tap fixtures and causing damage.
  19. Clean Surface: Thoroughly clean the entire surface to remove grease, grime, mould, fungus, and dust. A clean surface is essential for proper adhesion of sealants and waterproofing materials.
  20. Apply Clear Waterproofing: Apply a clear waterproofing solution to the entire tiled surface area. This solution penetrates the grout, strengthening and sealing it. It also addresses minor fractures in the glazing of the tiles.
  21. Final Dye and Pressure Test: Upon completion, perform another dye and pressure test on the repaired shower/bathroom. This ensures that the repair process was successful and that there are no remaining leaks or weak points.


These steps collectively form a comprehensive approach to repairing a leaking bathroom or shower, covering everything from initial assessment to final testing.



Workmanship Guarantee


United Trade Links hereby guarantees the quality of workmanship for leaking shower repair, and bathroom projects carried out by our team. This guarantee encompasses the execution of repairs, maintenance, and related services as agreed upon in the project proposal.


What we expect from you during your leaking shower repair and bathroom project:


Our work requires due attention paid to safety and to the protection of your home, possessions and family. Kindly read the following before works commence.



  1. Material Selection:
    • Customers are responsible for selecting materials, including grout color, clear waterproofing, matte finish, same gloss, or full gloss.
    • United Trade Links will provide guidance on material options and specifications.
    • Material preferences must be communicated via email or text before the project’s commencement.
    • If selected materials are unavailable or discontinued, customers will be promptly informed for alternate choices.
  2. Removal of Personal Items:
      • Customers must remove personal items from the project area before work begins.
  3. Furniture Removal:
    • Customers have the option to remove furniture themselves or request United Trade Links to arrange furniture removal, with no liability for damage or scratches.
  4. Onsite Parking and Space:
    • Adequate space must be designated for parking United Trade Links vehicles, material storage, and waste disposal.
    • Customers should identify these areas prior to the commencement of work.
  5. Presence of Adult:
    • An adult, preferably the homeowner who engaged United Trade Links, must be present onsite throughout the project duration.
  6. Water Availability:
    • United Trade Links requires access to water, specifically an outdoor tap, throughout the project.
  7. Secure Power Points:
    • All power points, outlets, and fixtures must be secured before work commences.
  8. Protection of Vulnerable Items:
    • Customers are responsible for relocating valuable items that could be affected by water or contaminants during the project.
  9. Noise and Minimal Mess:
    • United Trade Links’ equipment is equipped with suction vacuum systems to minimize mess and noise.
    • Any mess created will be contained within the working area.
  10.  Mess Management:
    • United Trade Links will cover the entire working area using drop sheets to prevent debris and dust from spreading.
  11. Neighbor Notification:
    • Customers are responsible for notifying adjacent neighbors, especially in apartments or units, about potential noise and mess.
    • Neighbors should be advised to secure outdoor items and close windows.
  12. Water Leakage:
    • Some water leakage may occur during the initial phases of the process due to the Leaking Shower Repair & Bathroom Projects condition.
    • Customers are responsible for promptly reporting such leaks to prevent further issues.
  13. Damage and Cracks:
    • United Trade Links may encounter existing damages or cracks during the restoration process.
    • We will repair these existing damages and cracks only; no retiling or tile replacement will be performed.
  14. Tile Supply and Selection:
    • United Trade Links does not supply tiles or offer tile selection services.


Acceptance Of Terms


By continuing with the restoration works proposed by United Trade Links, you acknowledge that you have accepted the quotation provided by United Trade Links. This document outlines the terms and conditions governing the agreed-upon services. As the customer, it is imperative that you carefully read and comprehend all the information presented herein. Should you have any uncertainties or if you wish to engage in a discussion concerning the contents of this document, we encourage you to reach out to our office without hesitation. Your understanding and cooperation are vital to ensuring a successful project. Thank you for entrusting United Trade Links with your restorative needs.

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