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Grout Restorations Repair Without Removing Tile

Grout Restorations Repair Without Removing Tile
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your grout restorations
for leaking, balcony, trace project without removing tile

Grout Restorations Repair Without Removing Tile
What You Can Expect
From Us

What we expect from you during your grout restorations
for leaking, balcony, trace project without removing tile

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What you can expect from us during your epoxy tile & grout restoration project

Your Trusted Partner for Your Epoxy Tile & Grout Restoration Project

What United Trade Links Offer

For over 25 years, United Trade Links has been dedicated to rejuvenating and enhancing balconies, tracings, and diverse projects with a specific focus on epoxy tile & grout restoration. Our efforts have centered around homeowners all across Australia. Throughout our extensive experience, our primary objective has consistently been to ensure the highest level of customer contentment. We reinforce this dedication through the following promises:

Transparent Proposals for Epoxy Tile & Grout Restoration: Our commitment to transparency and clarity is at the forefront of our communication. This principle is evident in our meticulously detailed project proposals, crafted exclusively for your epoxy tile & grout restoration projects. These proposals outline the precise scope of work, enabling you to fully grasp the restoration process.

Visual Insight with Before & After Photos: Understanding the impact of visual representation, we go beyond mere words. Our extensive collection of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos offers a visual narrative of the transformation your tiles and grout undergo. Witness the remarkable change as we capture the essence of your epoxy tile & grout restoration.

Bid and Timeline Clarity: We firmly believe in providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your investment. By breaking down costs without any ambiguity and establishing a well-defined timeline, you can anticipate the key milestones of your epoxy tile & grout restoration. Stay well-informed and engaged every step of the way.

Qualified and Experienced Professionals: Entrust your epoxy tile & grout restoration to our seasoned and knowledgeable experts. Our craftsmen bring a wealth of experience, ensuring excellence in every facet of your restoration project. From intricate repairs to complete transformations, we’re dedicated to making your epoxy tile & grout vision a reality.

Licensed and Insured: Holding valid builder licenses in key regions like New South Wales, the ACT, and Queensland, we pair our expertise with comprehensive $20 million public liability insurance. This guarantees that your epoxy tile & grout restoration journey is not only secure but also free from unnecessary complications.

Professional Memberships: Our affiliation with esteemed bodies such as the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Australia speaks to our unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and ethical standards. Experience an epoxy tile & grout restoration that aligns with the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

Are you tired of looking at worn-out, damaged tiles and grout in your living spaces? United Trade Links is here to transform your indoor and outdoor areas into captivating spaces once again. With a strong focus on both internal and external restoration, we specialize in rejuvenating tile and grout surfaces, breathing new life into your patios, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

The epoxy tile & grout restoration process includes:

  1. Full Inspection: A comprehensive inspection is conducted for all the designated areas such as balconies, terraces, showers, bathrooms, hallways, dining areas, external tiled spaces, swimming pool areas, patios, and house entry points. This inspection aims to identify existing damage, deterioration, or preparation needs.
  2. Dye and Pressure Test: Wet areas like balconies, terraces, and bathrooms are subjected to a dye and pressure test using advanced technology scans. This test ensures that the waterproofing process is effective and that there are no leaks.
  3. Selection of Method and Materials: The appropriate method and epoxy grout color are chosen. The selection is made based on the type of area being restored to ensure the right materials are used.
  4. Area Preparation and Epoxy Grouting: The designated area is prepared for the restoration process. This may include cleaning the surface, removing any loose debris, and ensuring the area is ready for the restoration work. Epoxy grout is then applied to reseal and re-grout the tile floor. This process enhances the appearance and durability of the tiled surface.
  5. Removal of Old Grout: Old grout from existing floor tiles is carefully removed. This step is crucial to create a clean surface for the restoration process.
  6. Removal of Old Skirting Grout: Similarly, old grout from the existing external skirting tiles is removed. This helps in ensuring a consistent and neat appearance after restoration.
  7. Replacement of Silicone Tile Joints: Existing silicone tile joints are removed and replaced with fire-rated or external use silicone. This ensures proper sealing and prevents water penetration.
  8. Removal of Porous Cement-Based Grout: Any remaining porous cement-based grout is removed to ensure a uniform surface for the restoration process.
  9. Injection of Grout Floor Tiles: Grout floor tiles are injected with waterproofing solution using a specialized technique to ensure the subfloor’s waterproofing integrity.
  10. Preparation and Injection of Drummy Tiles: Tiles that have become “drummy” (detached from the substrate) are repaired. This involves injecting epoxy grout beneath the tiles for re-adhesion. Damaged tiles are removed and replaced, with the customer supplying matching tiles.
  11. Replacement of Broken or Damaged Tiles: Broken or seriously damaged tiles are removed and replaced to restore the aesthetic and functional aspects of the tiled area.
  12. Repair of Tile Chips: Chips in tiles that can’t be replaced are repaired to improve the overall appearance.
  13. Re-Grouting Balcony Floor Tiles: Balcony floor tiles are re-grouted using a 2-part epoxy grout. This process enhances the durability and water-resistance of the grout.
  14. Re-Grouting Skirting Tiles: The top edge of skirting tiles is re-grouted with 2-part epoxy grout to ensure a consistent appearance.
  15. Sealing of Floor Grate and Waste Riser: The external junction of the floor grate and waste riser is sealed to prevent water from seeping through.
  16. Balustrade Injection and Sealing: Balustrades installed over tiles or after waterproofing are injected to ensure proper sealing. Balustrade and penetration points are sealed using fire-rated or external use silicone.
  17. Sealing of Skirting Edges: Bottom and top edges of skirting are sealed using fire-rated or external use silicone to prevent water infiltration.
  18. Sealing Sliding Doors/Windows: Sliding doors and windows are sealed to ensure they don’t compromise waterproofing or cause leaks. Fire-rated or external use silicone is applied for this purpose.
  19. Turbo Deep Clean: A specialized tile cleaning equipment is used for a thorough and intensive cleaning process. This removes efflorescence, grease, grime, mold, fungi, and dust from the surface.
  20. Clear Waterproof Application: A clear waterproof coating is applied to the entire tiled surface area of the balcony. This coating penetrates the grout, reducing pores, strengthening, and sealing it. It also addresses any micro fractures in the tile glazing by sealing them.

Each step contributes to the overall restoration process, ensuring that the tiled and grouted surfaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, waterproof, and resistant to damage.

Workmanship Guarantee

At United Trade Links, we stand behind the superior craftsmanship of our epoxy tile and grout restoration services. Our commitment extends to all aspects of the restoration process, encompassing repairs, maintenance, and associated tasks meticulously executed by our expert team. This guarantee ensures the impeccable execution of every detail detailed in the project proposal.

What we expect from you during your epoxy tile & grout restoration project:

Our work requires due attention paid to safety and to the protection of your home, possessions and family. Kindly read the following before work commences.  

  1. Material Selection (Grout Colour, Clear Waterproofing, Finish Type) Before initiating the epoxy tile and grout restoration, careful consideration is given to material selection. This includes choosing the appropriate grout color that aligns with your preferences and the overall aesthetic of the space. The choice of clear waterproofing and the desired finish – whether it’s a matte finish, same gloss as before, or a full gloss – is discussed and decided upon to achieve the desired final look.
  2. Remove Personal Items In preparation for the restoration process, it’s recommended to remove personal items from the designated area. This ensures the safety of your belongings and allows our team to work efficiently without any hindrance.
  3. Furniture Removal (Optional) Should you choose, United Trade Links can assist in arranging the removal of furniture from the restoration area. However, it’s important to note that any such assistance is provided without responsibility for potential damage or scratches that may occur during the removal process.
  4. Onsite Parking To facilitate a smooth restoration process, ensuring easy access to the site is essential. If available, onsite parking arrangements are made to accommodate our team and equipment, expediting the restoration work.
  5. Presence of an Adult During the restoration process, it’s recommended to have an adult present on the premises. Their presence allows for any necessary decisions or approvals to be made promptly, contributing to the efficient completion of the restoration.
  6. Water Availability Adequate water supply is essential for various stages of the restoration, including cleaning and preparation. Ensuring a reliable water source enables our team to carry out the restoration process seamlessly.
  7. Secure Power Points Having secure power points within the restoration area is crucial for operating equipment and tools. This guarantees a continuous workflow and eliminates the need for extension cords that might cause inconvenience.
  8. Relocate Vulnerable Items Items that are particularly vulnerable to dust, vibrations, or movement are relocated within the premises to ensure their safety during the restoration process. This proactive step prevents potential damage to delicate belongings.
  9. Noise and Mess Control United Trade Links employs equipment equipped with suction vacuums to minimize noise and mess during the restoration. This ensures a more comfortable environment for both our team and the residents.
  10. Area Protection with Drop Sheets To maintain a clean and organized workspace, drop sheets are used to cover the entire working area. This prevents any accidental spills or debris from affecting areas beyond the restoration zone.
  11. Neighbor Notification (Apartment/Unit Customers) In cases where the restoration is carried out in apartment buildings or units, it’s courteous to inform neighbors about the upcoming work. This helps manage expectations and demonstrates consideration for others’ living spaces.
  12. Water Leakage Precautions During the initial stages of the restoration process, there might be some water leakage. This is a normal occurrence, and our team takes precautions to minimize any impact. The use of drop sheets and controlled water application ensures that any potential leakage is managed appropriately.

Acceptance Of Terms

By continuing with the restoration works proposed by United Trade Links, you acknowledge that you have accepted the quotation provided by United Trade Links. This document outlines the terms and conditions governing the agreed-upon services. As the customer, it is imperative that you carefully read and comprehend all the information presented herein. Should you have any uncertainties or if you wish to engage in a discussion concerning the contents of this document, we encourage you to reach out to our office without hesitation. Your understanding and cooperation are vital to ensuring a successful project. Thank you for entrusting United Trade Links with your restorative needs.

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