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DIY seal your shower or balcony without removing tiles

There’s a problem occurring in bathrooms all over Australia and quite often, it’s left untreated for a long time. It’s a leaking shower recess and, speaking from our experience, shower tile waterproofing is a very common service. We see a huge number of these every year and one of the questions we’re asked a lot is if you can DIY seal your shower (or balcony) without removing tiles. The answer is yes … and no.

How to tell if you need shower tile repair

You’ll notice the signs if you pay attention. All of this is the result of a leak in the plumbing behind the walls or under the floor. Naturally, when you discover this or the problem is diagnosed, your first instinct will be to panic that the tiles and walls have to come off. Not so!

  • Cracked, stained or discoloured tiles
  • Mould build-up in the shower
  • Cabinetry swelling
  • Vanity drawers or doors not closing properly
  • Damp or wet carpet or floorboards
  • Musty odour in the air

DIY shower re-sealing or call the professionals?

What’s happening with a leaky shower is that a leak has occurred somewhere that’s out of sight. You can’t simply go waterproofing shower floor tiles when there is a leak behind them. Bathroom tile leak repairs begin with finding out where the leak is and if you don’t have professional water leak detection tools then yes, you will need to remove the tiles and replace them afterwards.

When we come in to do the job, we bring advanced thermal scanning equipment including a camera that is inserted in the wall to quickly locate the leak so we can treat exactly the right spot. You’ll receive a detailed written report and photos to see the damage for yourself. There is no tile removal so the job is quicker, more efficient and cheaper than if you had to do it yourself. Next, we will waterproof your existing shower back to new. In fact, waterproofing over bathroom tiles can be better than new if it wasn’t done properly the first time around!

How is shower waterproofing repair done?

We’ve developed our own 100% effective remedial waterproofing systems and products that guarantee the problem is solved. The shower membrane repair involves removing all old and ineffective grout and injecting with a new waterproofing membrane. All affected areas are given a deep clean to remove surface contaminants and a new layer of EPG epoxy grout is applied. A high quality polyurethane is applied to all joints for maximum sealing followed by two coats of our own proprietary clear waterproofing membrane.

Guaranteed workmanship

Your tiles and grout are guaranteed to remain stain-resistant for up to 10 years or we’ll retreat the surface for free.

Bathroom waterproofing repairs are a specialised task. You may like to tackle it yourself as a DIY job however we genuinely recommend having it professionally done because you have the benefit of a guarantee. As well as full waterproofing membrane replacement services for your leaky shower,

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DIY balcony waterproofing without removing tiles

We’re so lucky to have beautiful weather in Australia which means we spend a lot of time outdoors. A tiled balcony is a fantastic place to sit for meals, to read, have a beer or a glass of wine or just to soak up the rays. Unfortunately, tiled balconies can be afflicted with leaks. Your first thought is probably “Oh no! That means we’re going to have to rip up the tiles to fix it!” Well, not necessarily. DIY balcony waterproofing without removing tiles is possible … but once you read this article, you may decide to call in the professionals.

Symptoms of a leaky balcony

Leaking balcony repairs are usually necessary when the balcony tile waterproofing hasn’t been done correctly in the first place. Or it could simply be a case of wear and tear in an ageing building. Have you noticed any of the following signs of water leaks on your tiled outdoor or rooftop area?

  • Cracked or missing grout
  • Splitting, cracked or peeling paint
  • Discoloured or stained tiles and grout
  • Loose tiles
  • A hollow sound when you walk over a tile
  • Growth of mould or mildew
  • Weakened or loose structural posts or railings
  • Water ‘ponding’ in areas

Where to start with waterproofing balcony

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, you need to get help as soon as possible. Allowing a leak to spread will only worsen the problem and make it harder – and more expensive – to fix. A balcony tile leak repair is the place to start. There’s really no point scrubbing the stains or re-grouting the tiles until the leak is found.

We use a specialised device to detect the leak. Our moisture detection scanning equipment locates the site so we can perform non-destructive repairs and then conduct remedial waterproofing services. This is done without removing tiles, which will no doubt come as a relief to you.

You’ll also be pleased to know that we don’t just leave it at that either. Your balcony waterproofing repair also involves restoring the area so that it looks as good as new. All the old, worn and damaged grout will be removed and the whole surface will be given a thorough clean before re-grouting balcony floor tiles with a new layer of EPG epoxy grout. We use a high quality polyurethane to finish all the internal joints for maximum sealing, to keep water out for good!

Finally, we apply two coats of clear waterproofing membrane and a clear penetrating sealer which will keep your tiles and grout stain resistant for up to 10 years or we’ll return and treat the surface again at no charge.


Good as new and ready for next-day use

To find out more and to see how we work, check out our video which demonstrates balcony waterproofing without removing tiles. Your tiled balcony or rooftop area will be fixed in just a few hours and you will be able to use it the very next day.


United Trade Links is fully licensed and insured. We are reliable and professional and our proprietary ColourSeal waterproofing membrane is guaranteed for 15 years. Don’t choose DIY! Get the job done properly so you won’t have to think it about it for a long time to come.

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Successful remedial waterproofing system for leaking balconies

Nobody likes a leaking balcony. It’s not just because there’s mess involved but because when you expect your balcony to be waterproof and it fails, it makes the area far less enjoyable to use. No matter how the job was done in the first place – correctly or incorrectly – a successful remedial waterproofing system for leaking balconies is now in order. Fortunately, just such a system does exist and your leaking balcony repairs can be done in around half a day. Then you can get back to your outdoor breakfasts, barbecues and relaxing.

Why do balconies leak?

Sometimes, the balcony tile waterproofing hasn’t been done properly from the beginning which is very unfortunate as it means an expense that shouldn’t have been necessary. Sometimes, building maintenance is not kept up, drainage is not sufficient or the building’s natural movements cause cracks to appear and water seeps through.

Otherwise, if yours is an old balcony, it could just be showing its age. As balcony waterproofing services advance and improve, new techniques come into play, complete with smart sealing products that can be guaranteed for many years.

A common problem is balconies constructed with minimal falls to the substrate. What happens is water pools on the surface and moisture becomes trapped between the tiles and the membrane. Over time, the membrane can break down and leaks are the result. A waterproofing repair job will correct all these issues so that your balcony will be serviceable for years to come.


Yes, balcony waterproofing without removing tiles is possible!

One of the first things customers ask us is whether the tiles have to be removed for the balcony tile leak repair to be done. It’s a very big concern for them so they’re always happy when we tell them it’s not necessary. Our remedial waterproofing experts use state-of-the-art moisture detection scanning equipment. This enables them to determine the site of the leak so they can correct it, all without having to remove any balcony tiles.

Once the leak is found and fixed, which involves removing grout and any sealant that has lost its integrity, the tiles are restored to look like brand new. It starts with a deep clean and then we apply advanced products to seal the surface so that it’s waterproof and visually appealing.

We apply new EPG epoxy grout between the tiles and a flexible, high quality polyurethane to all joins for maximum sealing. Lastly, we apply two coats of our proprietary ColourSeal waterproofing membrane which we guarantee for 15 years, and a clear penetrating sealing product over the top to ensure your tiles and grout remain stain resistant for up to 10 years, guaranteed.

Avoid DIY, call the professionals!

In the hands of someone who isn’t experienced in this task, balcony waterproofing repair can be very messy, time-consuming, expensive and back-breaking. Our professional team can take care of your leaky balcony and bring it back to safe, healthy, clean and attractive in mere hours. No more ugly water stains, no more missing, unsightly grout, no more mould or mildew; just a wonderful, refreshed space that you can enjoy using again.

Check out our video which shows how to repair a leaking balcony without removing the tiles.

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DIY balcony waterproofing without removing tiles – yes or no?

Staying home is the new going out! As such, we want our homes to be maintained in a condition that’s enjoyable, practical, safe and convenient. But what happens when you have a leaking tiled balcony? Does your mind instantly go to the nightmare of removing tiles to find the leak? What if we told you that balcony waterproofing repair can be done without removing any tiles?

Where are balconies leaking?

In our day to day work, we’re seeing leaky balconies in old and new buildings, two-story homes, high-rise apartments, office towers and everything in between. Sometimes the leak impacts on a room below the balcony and other times, it’s a chain reaction, meaning that if the 15th floor’s balcony is leaking, all those below it will, in time, suffer. Whatever the situation, leaking balcony repairs must be done as soon as possible to halt any damage spreading.

DIY waterproofing balcony

If you’re looking to do some DIY balcony tile waterproofing at home, you should really only consider this an option if you have some experience in this kind of specialised task. First and foremost, it involves leak detection moisture metres that permit balcony waterproofing without removing tiles. And isn’t that the biggest headache of the job? Once you start removing tiles, you then have to find the exact same tiles to get your balcony back to normal. Even if you do find the same ones, they’ll be from a different batch so matching them with the old ones will be very difficult and the end result will be disappointing.

Waterproofing your balcony yourself presents the following problems:

  • Purchasing expensive products and having waste left over.
  • Not having the skills or experience to produce a fully remediated result.
  • Spending a great deal of time on a task that can take several days in inexperienced hands.
  • Having to remove, purchase and replace tiles because you haven’t been able to detect the leak.

Why you should choose professional remedial waterproofing services


As professionals in this very task, we’re out there doing remedial waterproofing and re-grouting balcony floor tiles on a daily basis. We can get the job done in around half a day, depending on the area size of the problem.

We remove all old and ineffective grout and give the area a deep clean to remove any surface contaminants. We apply a new layer of EPG epoxy grout to restore all the joins between tiles back to new. Next, we use a high-quality flexible polyurethane to ensure maximum sealing and finish with two coats of our own waterproofing membrane product, ColourSeal, which guarantees a watertight seal for 15 years.

Finally, the whole area is given a coating of our clear penetrating sealing service which promises a stain-free surface for up to 10 years or we’ll retreat the surface for free.

There are many jobs you can DIY around the house and achieve a spectacular result. Before starting on waterproofing your leaking balcony, ask yourself if you really have the tools, the patience, the experience, the skills and the time to tackle it. It could cost you a whole lot more in the long run.

To see just how easily your leaky balcony can be fixed – complete with guaranteed workmanship and without removing tiles – take a look at our video.


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How to DIY repair your leaking shower without removing tiles

If you think your shower is leaking behind the scenes, you could find that one of the trickiest things about fixing it is knowing exactly where the leak is. After all, you can’t just fix the damage the water leak has caused. You have to fix the leak completely or the damage will continue.

How do you know if your shower has a leak?

We pretty much take it for granted that our bathrooms have been waterproofed properly, don’t we? Therefore, it’s a nasty surprise when you start noticing that things aren’t as they should be. Here are some warning signs you might have noticed:

  • Damp or musty smell in the bathroom or adjoining bedroom.
  • Damp or wet carpet or wallpaper.
  • Swelling floorboards, skirting boards, walls or cabinetry.
  • Loose or cracked tiles in the shower.
  • Missing silicone or cracked grout.
  • Discolouration or peeling paint on the ceiling below the shower.
  • Mildew or mould.

Removing and replacing tiles would be a nightmare

The first thing that might come to mind is that your have to remove the tiles in the shower, around the bath or wherever the damage is visible. Naturally, that would seem like a huge nightmare! Imagine the mess it would cause, not to mention having to buy the same tiles again. If you can’t find the same ones, you might have to replace the tiles in the whole bathroom! Either way, you’d need a plasterer and a tiler to do the work and that’s after fixing the leak. Like we said, a huge nightmare.

There is a much easier way! Check out our video here.

The importance of calling in waterproofing specialists

Diehard DIY enthusiasts enjoy a challenge and that’s great when it comes to painting, gardening, fencing and hanging shelves, but bathrooms are typically one of the most expensive rooms in a house. It’s important to realise that every bathroom is built by a combination of professional and licensed tradespeople: plumbers, waterproofing specialists, cabinetmakers, glass installers, electricians and carpenters. Some kinds of tasks can be performed very well by the average DIY bathroom renovator but waterproofing should be left to the experts, and especially when it’s remedial work to fix a leaky shower, basin or bath.

What’s involved in repairing a leaky shower?

First you have to identify the location of the leak.  You need to access the leak so it can be fixed and if you don’t have professional equipment, that would mean removing tiles. Once the leak is fixed, you have to restore the surface by replacing the tiles and silicone and re-grouting with epoxy. Afterwards, apply two coats of clear waterproofing.

Considering everything that can go wrong such as missing a step, damaging tiles or using inferior products, we strongly recommend using a professional remedial waterproofing service like ours. Not only will you get the job done to complete satisfaction but we will also guarantee that the area will be leak-free and the surface stain free for up to 10 years or we’ll treat it again at no charge.

For your own peace of mind and to save money in the long run, get that leaky shower, basin or bathtub fixed as soon as possible by professionals. We’ll be in and out within around four hours and you can use your revitalised bathroom from the very next day.

Here’s another video you might like to watch about fixing leaky bathroom areas without removing tiles.

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Yes, fixing a water leak can be done without removing tiles!

Water leaks are the worst! They seem like a mystery at first. You might notice a damp odour coming from your bathroom, damp water marks in the tiles of your shower floor or swelling cabinetry in the laundry. It’s one of those things that makes just enough of an impact to be noticeable but not enough of an impact to demand immediate attention. Once carpet starts to feel damp underfoot, however, then it becomes a more pressing situation.

8 tell-tale signs of a water leak

  1. Mouldy silicone
  2. The odour of damp or mildew
  3. Damp water marks in tiles
  4. Deteriorating paint or wallpaper
  5. Swelling or bubbling cabinetry or plaster
  6. Missing grout in tiled surfaces
  7. Damp carpet
  8. Stained downstairs ceiling (under the room where the leak is)

Why you should get your water leak fixed fast

Quite often, people turn a blind eye to a water leak because it doesn’t bother them too much at first. They also think that fixing the issue could involve a lot of inconvenience, expense and mess. In fact, most people think it’s going to be a huge catastrophe.

The problem with not dealing with water leaks sooner rather than later is the longer they’re left untreated, the worse – and more expensive – the damage could become to fix.

“Imagine how complicated it’s going to be!” they cry. “All those tiles are going to have to come off just so the shower leak can be fixed! That means we’ll have to buy new tiles and if we can’t match the exact same ones that are there now, we’re going to have to re-tile the whole bathroom!!”

Well that definitely sounds like a big deal! But what if we told you that the tiles don’t have to be removed at all?

Fixing water leaks the smart, advanced way

Consumers are always so relieved to find out that leaky showers, leaky balconies and leaky rooftops don’t have to mean messy, major repairs. Our remedial waterproofing technicians are fully trained in water leak detection using advanced tools. They’ll find the leak fast and then use quality products that are guaranteed to fix leaks for good, all without removing any tiles and with a full money back guarantee. The area will look brand new again!

Finding and fixing water leaks in showers, balconies, laundries and on rooftops takes about three to four hours. The great news is you can use the area the very next day.

Watch this video now for a detailed look at how we can fix your water leak without removing tiles!

3 top tips for leaky showers, leaky rooftops and leaky balconies

  • Have your water leaks fixed sooner rather than later to avoid the damage spreading further and costing more to fix.
  • Don’t risk problems with damp as mould and mildew can cause respiratory problems in vulnerable people.
  • Avoid trying to repair water leaks yourself; you may only fix the surface damage but the leak may still remain.

Your water leak problem may not be in your shower, on your patio or on your rooftop space. That’s ok. The same principle applies to any tiled area such as your kitchen, swimming pool deck, spa deck, outdoor kitchen areas, rumpus room bar or laundry. Wherever you have plumbing and tiles, we can make sure your water leak problems are fixed quickly, permanently and with a minimum of fuss.

For more information on our leaky shower repairs (without removing tiles), view our YouTube video.