There’s a problem occurring in bathrooms all over Australia and quite often, it’s left untreated for a long time. It’s a leaking shower recess and, speaking from our experience, shower tile waterproofing is a very common service. We see a huge number of these every year and one of the questions we’re asked a lot is if you can DIY seal your shower (or balcony) without removing tiles. The answer is yes … and no.

How to tell if you need shower tile repair

You’ll notice the signs if you pay attention. All of this is the result of a leak in the plumbing behind the walls or under the floor. Naturally, when you discover this or the problem is diagnosed, your first instinct will be to panic that the tiles and walls have to come off. Not so!

  • Cracked, stained or discoloured tiles
  • Mould build-up in the shower
  • Cabinetry swelling
  • Vanity drawers or doors not closing properly
  • Damp or wet carpet or floorboards
  • Musty odour in the air

DIY shower re-sealing or call the professionals?

What’s happening with a leaky shower is that a leak has occurred somewhere that’s out of sight. You can’t simply go waterproofing shower floor tiles when there is a leak behind them. Bathroom tile leak repairs begin with finding out where the leak is and if you don’t have professional water leak detection tools then yes, you will need to remove the tiles and replace them afterwards.

When we come in to do the job, we bring advanced thermal scanning equipment including a camera that is inserted in the wall to quickly locate the leak so we can treat exactly the right spot. You’ll receive a detailed written report and photos to see the damage for yourself. There is no tile removal so the job is quicker, more efficient and cheaper than if you had to do it yourself. Next, we will waterproof your existing shower back to new. In fact, waterproofing over bathroom tiles can be better than new if it wasn’t done properly the first time around!

How is shower waterproofing repair done?

We’ve developed our own 100% effective remedial waterproofing systems and products that guarantee the problem is solved. The shower membrane repair involves removing all old and ineffective grout and injecting with a new waterproofing membrane. All affected areas are given a deep clean to remove surface contaminants and a new layer of EPG epoxy grout is applied. A high quality polyurethane is applied to all joints for maximum sealing followed by two coats of our own proprietary clear waterproofing membrane.

Guaranteed workmanship

Your tiles and grout are guaranteed to remain stain-resistant for up to 10 years or we’ll retreat the surface for free.

Bathroom waterproofing repairs are a specialised task. You may like to tackle it yourself as a DIY job however we genuinely recommend having it professionally done because you have the benefit of a guarantee. As well as full waterproofing membrane replacement services for your leaky shower,