Nobody likes a leaking balcony. It’s not just because there’s mess involved but because when you expect your balcony to be waterproof and it fails, it makes the area far less enjoyable to use. No matter how the job was done in the first place – correctly or incorrectly – a successful remedial waterproofing system for leaking balconies is now in order. Fortunately, just such a system does exist and your leaking balcony repairs can be done in around half a day. Then you can get back to your outdoor breakfasts, barbecues and relaxing.

Why do balconies leak?

Sometimes, the balcony tile waterproofing hasn’t been done properly from the beginning which is very unfortunate as it means an expense that shouldn’t have been necessary. Sometimes, building maintenance is not kept up, drainage is not sufficient or the building’s natural movements cause cracks to appear and water seeps through.

Otherwise, if yours is an old balcony, it could just be showing its age. As balcony waterproofing services advance and improve, new techniques come into play, complete with smart sealing products that can be guaranteed for many years.

A common problem is balconies constructed with minimal falls to the substrate. What happens is water pools on the surface and moisture becomes trapped between the tiles and the membrane. Over time, the membrane can break down and leaks are the result. A waterproofing repair job will correct all these issues so that your balcony will be serviceable for years to come.


Yes, balcony waterproofing without removing tiles is possible!

One of the first things customers ask us is whether the tiles have to be removed for the balcony tile leak repair to be done. It’s a very big concern for them so they’re always happy when we tell them it’s not necessary. Our remedial waterproofing experts use state-of-the-art moisture detection scanning equipment. This enables them to determine the site of the leak so they can correct it, all without having to remove any balcony tiles.

Once the leak is found and fixed, which involves removing grout and any sealant that has lost its integrity, the tiles are restored to look like brand new. It starts with a deep clean and then we apply advanced products to seal the surface so that it’s waterproof and visually appealing.

We apply new EPG epoxy grout between the tiles and a flexible, high quality polyurethane to all joins for maximum sealing. Lastly, we apply two coats of our proprietary ColourSeal waterproofing membrane which we guarantee for 15 years, and a clear penetrating sealing product over the top to ensure your tiles and grout remain stain resistant for up to 10 years, guaranteed.

Avoid DIY, call the professionals!

In the hands of someone who isn’t experienced in this task, balcony waterproofing repair can be very messy, time-consuming, expensive and back-breaking. Our professional team can take care of your leaky balcony and bring it back to safe, healthy, clean and attractive in mere hours. No more ugly water stains, no more missing, unsightly grout, no more mould or mildew; just a wonderful, refreshed space that you can enjoy using again.

Check out our video which shows how to repair a leaking balcony without removing the tiles.