Staying home is the new going out! As such, we want our homes to be maintained in a condition that’s enjoyable, practical, safe and convenient. But what happens when you have a leaking tiled balcony? Does your mind instantly go to the nightmare of removing tiles to find the leak? What if we told you that balcony waterproofing repair can be done without removing any tiles?

Where are balconies leaking?

In our day to day work, we’re seeing leaky balconies in old and new buildings, two-story homes, high-rise apartments, office towers and everything in between. Sometimes the leak impacts on a room below the balcony and other times, it’s a chain reaction, meaning that if the 15th floor’s balcony is leaking, all those below it will, in time, suffer. Whatever the situation, leaking balcony repairs must be done as soon as possible to halt any damage spreading.

DIY waterproofing balcony

If you’re looking to do some DIY balcony tile waterproofing at home, you should really only consider this an option if you have some experience in this kind of specialised task. First and foremost, it involves leak detection moisture metres that permit balcony waterproofing without removing tiles. And isn’t that the biggest headache of the job? Once you start removing tiles, you then have to find the exact same tiles to get your balcony back to normal. Even if you do find the same ones, they’ll be from a different batch so matching them with the old ones will be very difficult and the end result will be disappointing.

Waterproofing your balcony yourself presents the following problems:

  • Purchasing expensive products and having waste left over.
  • Not having the skills or experience to produce a fully remediated result.
  • Spending a great deal of time on a task that can take several days in inexperienced hands.
  • Having to remove, purchase and replace tiles because you haven’t been able to detect the leak.

Why you should choose professional remedial waterproofing services


As professionals in this very task, we’re out there doing remedial waterproofing and re-grouting balcony floor tiles on a daily basis. We can get the job done in around half a day, depending on the area size of the problem.

We remove all old and ineffective grout and give the area a deep clean to remove any surface contaminants. We apply a new layer of EPG epoxy grout to restore all the joins between tiles back to new. Next, we use a high-quality flexible polyurethane to ensure maximum sealing and finish with two coats of our own waterproofing membrane product, ColourSeal, which guarantees a watertight seal for 15 years.

Finally, the whole area is given a coating of our clear penetrating sealing service which promises a stain-free surface for up to 10 years or we’ll retreat the surface for free.

There are many jobs you can DIY around the house and achieve a spectacular result. Before starting on waterproofing your leaking balcony, ask yourself if you really have the tools, the patience, the experience, the skills and the time to tackle it. It could cost you a whole lot more in the long run.

To see just how easily your leaky balcony can be fixed – complete with guaranteed workmanship and without removing tiles – take a look at our video.