If you think your shower is leaking behind the scenes, you could find that one of the trickiest things about fixing it is knowing exactly where the leak is. After all, you can’t just fix the damage the water leak has caused. You have to fix the leak completely or the damage will continue.

How do you know if your shower has a leak?

We pretty much take it for granted that our bathrooms have been waterproofed properly, don’t we? Therefore, it’s a nasty surprise when you start noticing that things aren’t as they should be. Here are some warning signs you might have noticed:

  • Damp or musty smell in the bathroom or adjoining bedroom.
  • Damp or wet carpet or wallpaper.
  • Swelling floorboards, skirting boards, walls or cabinetry.
  • Loose or cracked tiles in the shower.
  • Missing silicone or cracked grout.
  • Discolouration or peeling paint on the ceiling below the shower.
  • Mildew or mould.

Removing and replacing tiles would be a nightmare

The first thing that might come to mind is that your have to remove the tiles in the shower, around the bath or wherever the damage is visible. Naturally, that would seem like a huge nightmare! Imagine the mess it would cause, not to mention having to buy the same tiles again. If you can’t find the same ones, you might have to replace the tiles in the whole bathroom! Either way, you’d need a plasterer and a tiler to do the work and that’s after fixing the leak. Like we said, a huge nightmare.

There is a much easier way! Check out our video here.

The importance of calling in waterproofing specialists

Diehard DIY enthusiasts enjoy a challenge and that’s great when it comes to painting, gardening, fencing and hanging shelves, but bathrooms are typically one of the most expensive rooms in a house. It’s important to realise that every bathroom is built by a combination of professional and licensed tradespeople: plumbers, waterproofing specialists, cabinetmakers, glass installers, electricians and carpenters. Some kinds of tasks can be performed very well by the average DIY bathroom renovator but waterproofing should be left to the experts, and especially when it’s remedial work to fix a leaky shower, basin or bath.

What’s involved in repairing a leaky shower?

First you have to identify the location of the leak.  You need to access the leak so it can be fixed and if you don’t have professional equipment, that would mean removing tiles. Once the leak is fixed, you have to restore the surface by replacing the tiles and silicone and re-grouting with epoxy. Afterwards, apply two coats of clear waterproofing.

Considering everything that can go wrong such as missing a step, damaging tiles or using inferior products, we strongly recommend using a professional remedial waterproofing service like ours. Not only will you get the job done to complete satisfaction but we will also guarantee that the area will be leak-free and the surface stain free for up to 10 years or we’ll treat it again at no charge.

For your own peace of mind and to save money in the long run, get that leaky shower, basin or bathtub fixed as soon as possible by professionals. We’ll be in and out within around four hours and you can use your revitalised bathroom from the very next day.

Here’s another video you might like to watch about fixing leaky bathroom areas without removing tiles.