Water leaks are the worst! They seem like a mystery at first. You might notice a damp odour coming from your bathroom, damp water marks in the tiles of your shower floor or swelling cabinetry in the laundry. It’s one of those things that makes just enough of an impact to be noticeable but not enough of an impact to demand immediate attention. Once carpet starts to feel damp underfoot, however, then it becomes a more pressing situation.

8 tell-tale signs of a water leak

  1. Mouldy silicone
  2. The odour of damp or mildew
  3. Damp water marks in tiles
  4. Deteriorating paint or wallpaper
  5. Swelling or bubbling cabinetry or plaster
  6. Missing grout in tiled surfaces
  7. Damp carpet
  8. Stained downstairs ceiling (under the room where the leak is)

Why you should get your water leak fixed fast

Quite often, people turn a blind eye to a water leak because it doesn’t bother them too much at first. They also think that fixing the issue could involve a lot of inconvenience, expense and mess. In fact, most people think it’s going to be a huge catastrophe.

The problem with not dealing with water leaks sooner rather than later is the longer they’re left untreated, the worse – and more expensive – the damage could become to fix.

“Imagine how complicated it’s going to be!” they cry. “All those tiles are going to have to come off just so the shower leak can be fixed! That means we’ll have to buy new tiles and if we can’t match the exact same ones that are there now, we’re going to have to re-tile the whole bathroom!!”

Well that definitely sounds like a big deal! But what if we told you that the tiles don’t have to be removed at all?

Fixing water leaks the smart, advanced way

Consumers are always so relieved to find out that leaky showers, leaky balconies and leaky rooftops don’t have to mean messy, major repairs. Our remedial waterproofing technicians are fully trained in water leak detection using advanced tools. They’ll find the leak fast and then use quality products that are guaranteed to fix leaks for good, all without removing any tiles and with a full money back guarantee. The area will look brand new again!

Finding and fixing water leaks in showers, balconies, laundries and on rooftops takes about three to four hours. The great news is you can use the area the very next day.

Watch this video now for a detailed look at how we can fix your water leak without removing tiles!

3 top tips for leaky showers, leaky rooftops and leaky balconies

  • Have your water leaks fixed sooner rather than later to avoid the damage spreading further and costing more to fix.
  • Don’t risk problems with damp as mould and mildew can cause respiratory problems in vulnerable people.
  • Avoid trying to repair water leaks yourself; you may only fix the surface damage but the leak may still remain.

Your water leak problem may not be in your shower, on your patio or on your rooftop space. That’s ok. The same principle applies to any tiled area such as your kitchen, swimming pool deck, spa deck, outdoor kitchen areas, rumpus room bar or laundry. Wherever you have plumbing and tiles, we can make sure your water leak problems are fixed quickly, permanently and with a minimum of fuss.

For more information on our leaky shower repairs (without removing tiles), view our YouTube video.