A common source of injuries at home are falls and slips. For young children and elderly adults in particular, this is true. So, what should you do to avoid the emergency room visit? Well, there is a simple solution that can be really effective.

It is the slippery floor treatment. But is it right for your home? Or are you wondering what are the benefits? We can provide all the answers in this blog. So read on!

Understanding slip resistance

There are several causes for slippery floors. Spills of liquids, such as water, leave a thin film on the surface. This lessens resistance and increases the likelihood of losing balance. Even when dry, polished or smooth surfaces like marble or tile can have an inherent slickness to them.

Anti-slip floor treatments address this issue by increasing the floor’s coefficient of friction. This is a scientific measurement of how much grip a surface offers. A higher COF translates to better traction and a lower risk of slipping.

What are the benefits of slippery floor treatment?

[1] Enhanced safety

The primary benefit is creating a safer environment. Seniors and kids in particular can benefit from this. Anti-slip treatments increase traction, which dramatically lowers the risk of falls. It can prevent potential injuries.

[2] Peace of mind

With the knowledge that your floors are less slippery, you can relax. You can enjoy your home without worrying about accidental falls. This is especially important for those who have already experienced a slip up. Or for those who care for elderly or young family members.

[3] Versatility

Anti-slip treatments come in various forms. They are suitable for different types of flooring materials. This means you can improve the safety of various areas in your home. It can range from bathrooms to hallways.

[4] Aesthetics

Anti-slip treatments do not have to compromise the look of your floors. This is contrary to popular belief. There are several options which offer a clear or near-invisible finish. They can maintain the natural beauty of your flooring materials.

[5] Durability

There are many anti-slip treatments that are designed to be long-lasting. They can provide lasting protection for your floors.

How do you select the right treatment?

The first step is to look for companies online. You need to ensure that they are reliable and have appropriate experience. Please take a good look at their website and services. Pay attention to the reviews left by previous clientele.

Call for experts

A DIY approach might not be ideal here. You should seek help from professionals. You need to make sure they follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. In general, the process involves cleaning the floor thoroughly. This ensures it is free of dirt and debris.

Then they apply the treatment according to the product’s specifications. It may involve brushing/rolling or spraying. Then they allow the treatment proper time to dry and cure completely. This needs to be done before using the floor again.

Maintaining slippery floor treatment

Regular cleaning is vital to maintain the effectiveness of anti-slip treatments. You should use the appropriate cleaning products recommended for your specific floor type. Some treatments may require periodic reapplication to maintain optimal slip resistance.

To sign off

When you invest in slippery floor treatment it is a proactive step. Your house will become a more secure and cozy place to live. You can choose a treatment that serves your particular needs and type of floor thanks to the range of options available. You can feel more at ease knowing that your floors are more resistant to slippage. It lessens the possibility that you and your loved ones will trip and fall.